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The best alternative to Nova Launcher is updated: these are all its news


In the Google Play Store you can find a large number of launchers for Android, the most prominent being Nova Launcher. But beyond the popular TeslaCoil launcher, in the Google application store you have at your disposal several really interesting alternatives and the best of them all is Lawnchair Launcher, an open source launcher based on the official Google Pixel launcher, Pixel Launcher.

Well, now those responsible for Lawnchair Launcher have just announce the arrival of the new version of your launcherof which we will detail each and every one of its novelties**.

Lawnchair Android V1

Lawnchair Launcher on an Android mobile

These are all the news that come with Lawnchair Launcher 12.1

One of the main novelties of Lawnchair Launcher 12.1 is the arrival of the exclusive Pixel Launcher widget, “At a glance”, through which you will be able to see, directly from the home screen, weather information, the song you are listening to at the moment, calendar events or battery statistics.

One of the main features of Android 12 is the theming of the icons with the color of the wallpaper and if you have a mobile that does not support this customization, the creators of this launcher have created an app called Lawniconswhich you can download in APK format from this linkwith which you can have the icons of the color of the wallpaper in many applications.

In this sense, version 12.1 of Lawnchair already allows this customization also apply to app drawer icons and customize the appearance of the icons, both those on the home screen and those in the application drawer, with nine different shapes.

The best alternative to Nova Launcher is updated: these are all its news

Another novelty that comes to Lawnchair with this new version is the possibility of show the number of notifications in the notification bubble, instead of just a dot. This functionality is disabled by default, so to enable it you will have to activate it from the launcher settings.

Regarding the customization of the interface of your Android mobile, Lawnchair 12.1 now allows you to use any custom fontas long as it is in OTF or TTF format.

Finally, this new version of Lawnchair Launcher also gives us the option to choose search engine from search bar between four options: Google, Google Go, DuckDuckGo and app search.

Lawnchair Launcher 12.1 it’s still in alpha phase and you can download it in APK format from your GitHub pagebut you must bear in mind that in order to test it you must change the language to another different from Spanishas the developers of this app recently reported on their Twitter account.

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