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The audios of thousands of Clubhouse conversations may have leaked

A user has managed to break the security of Clubhouse and listen to the conversations of the social network.

One of the social networks that is managing to attract a greater number of new users is Clubhouse, a platform based on the creation of chats rooms, only audio, in which your participants can talk about a specific topic and now, their privacy could be in question because The audios of thousands of conversations would have been leaked.

The security of Clubhouse, the audio social network, could have been compromised

This is all we know of the alleged leaks of the Clubhouse conversations

As we can read in The Next Web, a Bloomberg report just revealed that this past weekend, a user, who has not been identified, was able to break the security of Clubhouse and listen to the conversations of this social network.

This user, who is believed to be residing in China, created his own website to capture Clubhouse conversations. Immediately, the company of Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth blocked this client in your application and reported that they have implemented new protections so that this event cannot happen again.

This event occurred just a week after the audio social network announced that it was going to tighten its security measures, among which were to prevent the application “Transmit pings” to servers based in China and a additional encryption to protect conversations.

At the same time, a report produced by the Stanford University Internet Observatory revealed that the Chinese company Ágora is in charge of providing the backend to Clubhouse and transmitted user ID numbers and chat IDs in plain text. So far neither Ágora nor Clubhouse have officially confirmed this association.

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It is certainly worrying that an application that is only available to iOS users, although it is expected to arrive very soon on Android, has these security leaks when not yet accessible to everyone and we hope they can fix these problems before it reaches mobiles with Google’s mobile operating system.

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