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The 4 best apps to record the working day

Clocking in at work has been a legal requirement in Spain since 2019 and these aplicaciones will help you do it easily.

The 4 best apps to record the working day

This process is necessary due to the obligation to record the hours worked on your working day. Is he Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, on March 8thfrom Urgent action on popular protection and combating job insecurity that controls this function.

But to make it easier, the technology is on our side and offers a good selection Aplicaciones to help you clock in at work. The decision for one person or another does not depend on the employees, but on those who run the company.

So, Which aplicaciones are most convenient in each situation? We decided on all four in our opinion. offer better solutions when it comes to time management.

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The best aplicaciones to record the working day

The inclusion of these 4 aplicaciones is based on functionality and popularity criteria, since they are applications that They have good reviews, are used by many companies, and offer an efficient service. Each of these cánido be an ideal candidate to replace the traditional fiber sheet.

  • intra time
  • Tab. work
  • work control

intra time

This aplicación allows you to comply with current legislation on the subject. Intratime is unique in that it does not require initial investment advice, instead using the pay-per-use system. The application perro be adapted to any company size, offers 3 different versions, BASIC, professional Y POS checkpoint. Prices range from €0.99 for the most basic version to €3.95 for Checkpoint POS, always for one usuario.

If there’s an interesting point about intratime, it’s that it’s intuitive, Adaptable to the needs of each company and offers customization options. Intratime prides itself on being very secure thanks to data encryption and it is always possible to have all employee details as well as process incorrect transfers.

Download Intratime on Google plus Play

Show intratime app

Intratime, an aplicación that offers many possibilities


BIXPE is the trade name of a multidisciplinary proposal, but it has a time management aplicación that offers very useful features. It allows the employee to log in and geolocate the responsible application take a picture of your face a autofotos. This ensures that the person is who they say they are signing up and that they are in the right place.

This aplicación has very interesting features, be able to install the application on a tablet in a common place, as an entry point into the workplace. This allows all employees to clock in from the same device, meaning there is no need to install the application on the employee’s terminal.

Increasingly habitual is BIXPE’s proposal in the cloud, the It makes setup and control much easier for company managers. Aplicaciones hereby try to do a process that is generally very cumbersome.

Download BIXPE on Google plus Play

BIXPE opportunities

The BIXPE aplicación is accessible from many platforms

Tab. work

Ficha.Work is another option available to us to control workers’ time. In this case it is a request allows signing in two ways. The first is the usual one, ie installing the application on the employee’s phone, at a cost of €1 per employee, and they sign in the usual way.

Another thing that we currently find unique is the timing through Ficha.Works proprietary coins. In them it is the worker who brings his mobile device closer, no need to open the aplicación, to Ficha.Working Base. Ideal for large companies with multiple access points. each coin costs 35 euros.

Download Ficha.Work on Google plus Play

Employee clocks in at work

With Ficha.Work you perro register the output from a database.

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work control

ControlLaboral is another option available to any type of business. Currently and as stated on its own website, More than 3,000 companies and 68,000 employees use their system. As with the previous ones, in ControlLaboral there is safety, functionality and ease for the worker when signing their tag.

Services are centralized in the cloud and the employee perro easily start and end their workday from their own mobile device. The price of the service offered by ControlLaboral depending on the number of employees of the companyhowever, from 60, a fixed price of €1.5 per request is equipo.

Download Work Control on Google plus Play

Check out the ControlLaboral app

ControlLaboral offers an efficient signature system.

These four applications are arguably the most successful for any organization’s time management. The benefits of being able to do this through a mobile aplicación are maximum since the data privacythat the timing is controlled from the appropriate place and that all recordings cánido be exported be able to present them to a tarea inspectorate when this body needs them.

Not keeping proper time records high objetivos cánido be imposed and a archivo opened, Therefore, the introduction of transfer systems through the aplicación is just a smart suggestion adapted to the current time.