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The 10 best personal diary apps for mobile

Dear diary … Would you like to have your own personal diary? These are the alternatives available for Android.

Leave the memories of your life and childhood captured in a digital journal with these options. These are the 10 best apps to write your personal diary on Android.

Have a diary of your life, is one of the best ways to remember your days, remember experiences and highlight an important event on any date. Although many people style it in a physical notebook, you can also migrate to the digital world.

The 10 best personal diary apps for mobile

Having access to computers, tablets and especially mobile devices, having an online diary can be more comfortable than you think. If you like the idea, then you should know our list with the 10 best personal diary apps for your mobile.

The essential apps that I always install on my Android mobile

10 best personal diary apps for your mobile

  • Daybook
  • Journaly
  • Journey: Daily Journal
  • My diary
  • Daily
  • Day One Journal
  • Daylio
  • Life Calendar
  • Diary with lock
  • Dairy

There are multiple applications and options within the Google Play Store, especially to keep a secret online diary. Even so, we want to present you a list with 10 alternatives that we have carefully selected for you.



Protect your memories with Daybook

With Daybook you will have a personal agenda, notebook for notes and of course, a private digital diary and sure. its interface is very simple to use, in addition to having free cloud storage to back up all your information.

You can access them on different devices with your Google account, Facebook or e-mail. Similarly, it has the voice memo function, with which you can save audios in your diary or let it automatically transcribe them using artificial intelligence and many more features that are really interesting.


Journaly is a personal diary app that stands out for its great customization, which allows you to write down and save everything that matters to you as you want it to be, attaching photos, notes, activities, places, weather and more.

Do you want to wear a self-assessment control? Journaly accompanies you on this journey. Create reminders, organize your notes by tags, define your mood with emojis and more. Best of all, your information will always be safe, thanks to its password protection.

Journey: Daily Journal

Journey It's about a personal digital diary that is specially adapted to what you need. From create a timeline with your fondest memories, even your daily record of physical activities and food.

From a very simple interface, you can attach images, videos, write everything you have in mind and complement it with information on the weather, location and more. It is totally private and safe thanks to its access and fingerprint lock and his Google Drive compatibility for the backup of your information in the cloud.

My diary

My diary

My Diary: a simple and elegant diary

A personal diary app focused on privacy and security for you as it supports fingerprint lock and sync with Dropbox and Google Drive to safeguard your information in the cloud and access from any device.

My diary It is also very customizable, since it has different themes that you can choose to give it the style you want. Attach photos, videos, write your memories, describe your mood and organize everything with labels. And if you want, you can export your notes in TXT or PDF format and print them whenever you want.



Diary: practical tool to keep notes of your day to day

Daily is a very practical tool and functional that stands out for its great compatibility with popular agendas such as Journey, Evernote, Catch Notes, Flava, Google Keep, Moment, Memorize and many more, with which you can import or export your notes and memories when and how you want.

You can customize its interface and adapt it to your tastes and needs, organize and search all content by filters, unlimited photo storage, cloud sync with Dropbox, calendar manager and audio-to-text transcription. Can we tell you something else? It is totally free on the Google Play Store.

Day One Journal

Day One Journal

Day One Journal is a great digital journal with unlimited photo storage

Day One Journal is one of the most popular apps and awarded in their category. Preferred by millions of users thanks to a clean, comfortable, easy-to-use interface and for how complete it is. From daily reminders, event notifications and calendar management, up to unlimited photo storage.

Your support multiplatform and protection via password or fingerprint with end-to-end encryption, make it totally safe and reliable. One of the better alternatives for those who want an app to record your days and leave nothing behind.


With Daylio you will know a new way to carry a record of your mood every day. The most curious thing is that with “micro-diary”, you don't need to write a word, you just have to select your mood and the activities you do in the day and that's it.

Of course, you can wear a traditional personal diary, create reminders, sync with Google Drive to back up your information, protect your information with a password and obtain monthly or annual statistics of your moods and activities. Go ahead and try it!

Life Calendar

Life Calendar

Remember your life week by week with Life Calendar

With Life Calendar you can remember your life week by week. It is an app that allows you to visualize your life in weeks, allowing you to add a note for each of them (52 ​​per year) to describe them. A different and interesting way to make a count of your days.

In addition, you can add a color to each week, create personalized reminders, export your notes, store them wherever you want and access them from any device thanks to being a multiplatform app. An interesting tool for cherish the time of our lives from another perspective.

Dairy with lock

A classic digital diary app in which you can capture your memories, ideas, thoughts and days in a unique way. It has a very simple and easy to use interface, so it will make you very intuitive.

It allows you to protect your notes with a password, search through filters, share your entry by email and always keep a backup of all your writings in the cloud for free.


Diary one of the best personal diary apps

All the secrets secured with the Diary app

Diary is a digital personal diary app in which you can capture your memories or create private notes whenever you wish. its clean and simple interface It is very customizable so that you always feel comfortable.

Supports the Google Drive and Dropbox sync so that you always have your notes at hand from any device, as well as being able to export them in PDF, define your mood using emojis, add photos, create reminders and more totally free.

These are the best personal diary apps for your mobileAll you have to do is choose the one that best suits you and start write your memories and thoughts every day to keep them always with you.

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