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The 10 apps that consume the most battery, 2022 edition

We review the 10 applications that drain the battery of your Android terminals the most.

The 10 apps that consume the most battery, 2022 edition
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Teléfonos inteligentes are already an integral part of our lives, lwe use them almost always and for almost everything: listening to music in the background for a long time, watching series and largometrajes, playing games… making calls and sending messages.

One of the most discussed issues with teléfonos inteligentes over the years is the battery. Independence greatly improved over the years (in most cases, in other cases like that of Samsung high-end it’s still short), but sometimes it evaporates as if by magic.

This stress on the energy unit perro be due to many factors. One of them are the aplicaciones that we run on our phone. In this article we will review The 10 most harmful to our battery.


One of the products included under the Misión umbrella is none other than Fb. It’s not just a popular network, it’s a popular network Entrar the backlink for more content: vídeo games, appointments, groups, events, flea market and more.

This aplicación Many processes run in the background. Among other things, it accesses our GPS and our camera, which are huge power guzzlers.

Fb Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Fb messenger for android free

It should come as no surprise to find a Fb messaging service here as well. In addition to messages, voice memos, vídeo calls, phone calls and more share many features with fb and it is an extension. It also accesses the GPS and camera.


The 10 apps that consume the most battery, 2022 edition

Instagram on Android phone

Misión seems to argue that there are aplicaciones that drain battery like there’s no tomorrow. Instagram is another culprit that our independence will be reduced to less than it should be. In addition to the access to GPS and the camera, this is mainly due to the intensive preloading of the content in order to espectáculo the users and the users as much as possible addictive use of the aplicación. For example, we spend a lot of time on Instagram and look at Stories (which, by the way, we cánido see without our presence being noticed).


what happened to snapchat

Although Spain is a poor country for its unworthy director ejecutivo, Snapchat has many users in our country. If something is wrong, it is far from being particularly aggressive towards batteries: Addictive and cánido be used for a long time, use the camera and access location services.


The 10 apps that consume the most battery, 2022 edition

Fitbit Inspire 2 activity band in pink.

The Fitbit aplicación is known to be very aggressive towards batteries. It’s the truth Many aplicaciones of this type consume a lot of energy. This is because Fitbit watches and bands rely on the aplicación for all communication between the phone and the wearable. everything in the background and always: Count steps, calories burned, hours of sleep… In addition, access the GPS too.


Download YouTube for C33

YouTube lets you listen to music on your phone // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

YouTube is another big battery hog, but not because of what it does in the background. In fact, it is only reaching alarming levels of consumption when you use it. The main reason is the constant downloading of content, especially when using the highest vídeo quality, as well as leaving the screen on for a long time.


Skype for android free

Like Fb, Skype has always been known to consume energy resources to have fun. Currently, the application follows the same path. It’s hard to know why of this consumption, but it may be related to the VOIP protocol you use for calls, the ability to share your screen, record meetings and in general the Qualities that brought him closer to the professional market.


Screenshot of Tinder on mobile

Tinder, the most habitual dating aplicación of the moment.

Tinder is also no stranger to battery drain. the aplicación heavily dependent on location services, so constantly monitors where we should offer possible quotes from our environment. Long-term use also affects battery consumption.

Amazon Alexa

The 10 apps that consume the most battery, 2022 edition

Mobile with the Alexa aplicación next to the Echo Espectáculo 15 // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

there is alex is one of the most habitual personal assistants. The service works very well, is coincidente with many home devices, cánido be easily customized and the devices it comes preinstalled on are not very expensive.

It’s also a big battery hog. This must be considered The aplicación is always running background processes, and keep hearing the word “Alexa” spoken. It is always looking for devices to connect to.

he said

The 10 apps that consume the most battery, 2022 edition

Unless you are an Uber controlador, you will not use this aplicación all the time. And fortunately, because a continuous use of GPS makes it one of the most power consuming applications.