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Telegram is again ahead of WhatsApp: it is now possible to delete sent messages

Telegram has just surprised us with a new update for Android and iOS that will allow users delete messages that have already been sent, among many other interesting news.

He tells us the company itself on its official news blog, where it is indicated that this update will begin to be available from today, and among other news, will allow users to delete messages sent within the first 48 hours, a functionality that WhatsApp would also be thinking of implementing in its service.

Telegram is updated: data usage tool, sending GIFs from Gboard and more


Among other novelties in this version 3.1.16 of Telegram, we also find a new data use tool, with which to measure how much mobile or WiFi data of our rate is consumed by the popular messaging app.

On the other hand, the links on the platform itself have now changed the format, and go from having the shape of to , in order to shorten these links that allow us to find users, groups, channels or packages of .

In addition to the above, Telegram now includes new and interesting features in its Android application, such as the possibility of send GIFs from Google's new GBoard keyboard, compatibility with Android 7.1.1 shortcuts or a much clearer and simpler interface when sending documents and files. In addition, the emojis of the have landed on Telegram for Android.

Finally, and continuing with the news that come to the for Android, now the messages received by the same contact will remain grouped in bubbles for a clearer reading, and at the time of returning to a the position where we were before leaving will be remembered.

As I was telling you, This new version 3.1.16 has been released today for Android and iOS, and from this moment on, users of this platform can already enjoy all the news, which, once again, has once again overtaken its biggest rival.

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