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Star Wars: KOTOR, Evoland 2 and more games and paid apps that you can get today with a discount or for free

The offers have returned to the Google Play Store, after having left us a collection of a total of 75 applications, games and customization tools at a discount last Monday. On this occasion, more developers join the idea of ​​offering some of their best creations at prices much lower than the originals, and even dare to allow us download some of their paid apps and games for Android for free.

This time, we also find renowned applications and games such as Star Wars: KOTOR, Over The Top, Evoland, the famous password manager in the cloud SafeInCloud, and many more that we will see below.

Payment applications for Android on offer

Free Android paid apps

Paid games for Android on offer

Paid games for Android free

Payment icons and customization for Android on offer

Free Android payment icons and customization