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Spotify comes to Android Wear, all your music on your wrist

Thanks to the high download speeds that terminals currently reach, some up to 300 Mbps with 4G LTE allows us, among other things, the enjoy streaming music to our terminal, in which through good headphones we can even consume high-quality music, all without having to host it in the terminal and save precious gigs of storage.

By now we all know Spotify, currently the service most consumed worldwide. But it is logical that when something works well rivals appear to share the piece of the cake, this is where NetEase Cloud Music comes in, a rival of quality and without the need for subscription or integrated advertising. Unfortunately, it is only available for the Asian territory, to which the community has translated the application and we can enjoy it and its immense catalog.

Returning with the best known, Spotify continues its course, and although its price is not the most content, it offers us certain interesting functions, including a new one. Starting in June, users who own a device with Android Wear will be able to enjoy all your music and play all your songs and playlists in a more comfortable way, with various functions that will facilitate the experience without having to take the terminal.

This new experience in smartwatches will come soon through a app update, where it will then be available for your use and convenience. We only have to link the watch to our smartphone and install the application on the device, thus creating a synchronization to change songs, lists, play and pause your music from your wrist.

Although it is the most used music service in the world, launched in 2008, for many, including a server, it is a limitation to have to resort to a monthly subscription to consume streaming music content in high quality, and above all without ads. Hopefully over time we will see its cost reduced, which will bring more users closer to payment, because currently and personally, I say that it does not offer enough for the requested cost.