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Some cool sci-fi phones that existed

Today's telephony is so ingrained among us that it is already present in films, series and other artistic works. It is becoming more and more common for us to see a phone in a movie in the manzanita, or on the smartphone that is most fashionable at that time. They are usually quite unreal imitations, and in other cases they are so cool that it would be cool to see them in reality.

For this reason, we have selected some phones that have been seen in a series or a movie that undoubtedly with Android in their guts it would be very cool to see them today especially for the design … Let's go!


PearPhone 2

If you follow the series icarly –I don't– you will know that this mobile it is quite classic of this production, coming to question its existence in real life with all kinds of news about people who had it and there are even those who did a review. It is not only a mobile with a strange design: in the series it is a whole brand that even sells tablets, even with a physical store.


Yes, the design is absolutely horrible but we could not deny that it is original. Let's imagine a second Android inside and the entire interface adapted to the shape of a pear. Let's also imagine that it was a high-end mobile –or PearPad–. You will not say that it would be cool enough to have it, even if you did not take it out on the street. Out of shame, more than anything.

The Simpsons iPhone

Simpsons iPhone

It is known by all the Nostradamus complex that the Simpsons have sometimes, and their eagerness to adapt to the new times that evolve –in better or worse way. It is not uncommon to see in its last seasons how technology has more and more weight in the series, and yes, as you may have seen or guessed those of Cupertino also have their references in the series, as you can see in the image above. Even if it is something horrendous.

Apple simpsons

This section is not dedicated to the iPhone in particular, because although modified they already exist, but in the series they are multitude of well-known brands like BlackBerry or Samsung and you can do a lot more things with those phones than real life phones, even without a real interface. Single as they say It would be cool to have a mobile of this type between us it was so ridiculous that it even looked like a cartoon Without a doubt, a unique idea.

The shoemaker

Shoe 1

We finish this list with a milestone in the world of cinema and series. It was Super agent 86, the mythical series starring Don Adams and Bárbara Feldon which started it all with the shoe phone, the phone camouflaged as a shoe. It was such a crazy concept that it was parodied in almost every from spy movies, so much so that even Mortadelo and Filemon They took him on his crazy adventures. The concept is cool, that's for sure.

Shoe 2

What if, they are already partly real since the O2 company and designer Sean Miles they released their version in 2013 but at a ridiculous price of 2900 euros. Therefore, let's think of a prototype that for technical reasons will wear an unbreakable touch screen and with Android inside. Yes, very uncomfortable. Yes, totally impractical and very useless. But to unsuspected levels.