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So you can listen to the radio of GTA V in your car, compatible with Android Auto

The one that has bundled Epic Games Store with Grand Theft Auto V Yes it has been epic, and it was not for less, because the online gaming platform of the popular developer after Fortnite is offering free GTA V until next May 21, an already cult title that you can download right now by following these instructions if Epic servers don’t blow themselves up for denial of service like it happened yesterday before the avalanche of requests.

If you are fans of the saga of Rockstar surely you will have already run to reserve your free copy in the Epic Games Store, although for the most fanatics we have another surprise, and I am also sure that many of you have missed in recent times the enjoy the musical offer of Los Santos at MundoReal ™, something that until now was not possible.

And I say so far because the user Tizz0r just posted on Reddit a “homemade” application for Android that reproduces the full spectrum of FM radios available in GTA V, allowing us all to enjoy them from now on in our cars thanks to its Android Auto compatibility.

Well yes friends, someone on the Internet has replicated the FM radio spectrum of Grand Theft Auto V in an APK so that we can all have the music of the game on Android Auto… Of course, don’t drive like you do in Los Santos!

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You can now have the music of Los Santos in your car, and at MundoReal ™

How they say out there, it was only a matter of time and the community has taken a long time, perhaps due to the copyright that is obviously violated in the app, something that has made you have to first open the interface on the mobile and manually download all stations, separately and one by one, taking into account the weight in memory of each one.

So it is possible too control the space that the application will occupy without compromising what we have available on the smartphone, and as you will see, the application is so simple that you will only have to move through the list of radios and open the one you want, from Non-Stop-Pop FM to Los Santos Rock Radio, to listen to the music of the GTA V universe obviously including the voices of the radiophonic that also speak to us in the game.

Surely it is something interesting and that is why we have brought it to , but as always, we cannot stop Warn you that the installation of APKs not certified by Google and downloaded outside of Google Play it is a major risk for your mobiles. Install it only at your own risk, and if you trust that the user Tizz0r is just a good samaritan who wanted to bring us the music of GTA V without malicious pretensions.

Perhaps the comments of the thread on Reddit can help you certify that the application is secure, so take a look before proceeding just in case, although the most important thing here is to know that the community always comes to the rescue, and that despite having taken someone on the internet has spent their time making a game radios come true as popular as GTA.

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