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So you can get free credits in Call of Duty: Mobile

This is the way to get free credits in Call of Duty: Mobile.

As in many video games, in Call of Duty: Mobile there is also a system of rewards and coins with which you can buy different things that benefit you in Multiplayer and Battle Royale games, as well as being able to create a clan from scratch. However, get many credits, It is not an easy task, since in each of the events and sections where you can obtain them they grant a very minimum amount for what the accessories cost in the game store.

However, that does not mean that there is no ways to gather them a little faster and totally free. If you are trying to get more Credits, then you have to take into account all the ways in which this Call of Duty: Mobile currency can be obtained, and then we explain each of them.

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Event Missions

Events – Call of Duty Mobile

The event missions are the best way to get Credits, since here they offer you a wide variety of tasks that you can complete both in Battle Royale mode and in Multiplayer. There are some easy and some complicated that can give you a lot of Credits, but everything can be easier if you consider some tips. It should be noted that missions usually last for a limited time, so try to do them quickly before they finish.

Tier Rewards

So you can get free credits in Call of Duty: Mobile

Tier Rewards – Call of Duty Mobile

In Call of Duty: Mobile there is an experience system with which players can reach level 150 by obtaining rewards in each of them. One of those things that can be achieved here are Credits, which you can win when you pass certain levels. You can see all the rewards you can earn in the section in the upper right corner of the game menu where your username is located.

Rank up

So you can get free credits in Call of Duty: Mobile

BR and MJ Rank – Call of Duty Mobile

Moving up the rank is another of the most efficient ways to earn the Credits you need, since in most of the ranks you climb to grant a certain amount of coins that are adding up to be a lot. Just try to get at least in the top 10 of every BR game at the very least, or take a lot of MP casualties so you can exponentially gain experience into another type of rank. Also, if you do this you will get rewards such as new skins for soldiers, vehicles and weapons.

Monthly Login Calendar

So you can get free credits in Call of Duty: Mobile

Monthly Login Calendar – Call of Duty Mobile

The Calendar is usually updated monthly, and to get the rewards that are located here, it is as simple as enter the game every day and redeem them. In each week at least one Credits reward is located that can come in handy to continue collecting.

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