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Smoke bombs arrive on WhatsApp: you can leave the groups without them knowing


WhatsApp is already preparing a function so that it is possible to leave a group without the participants knowing. This is how it will work.

WhatsApp is a platform in constant development, as shown by the constant news that its managers prepare. As reported today from WhatsApp they are now working on creating a function that allows us leave the groups without the members of the same knowing.

If you’ve always wanted to smoke bomb and power escape from a group without losing face with its participants, this new tool is designed especially for you. It is a reality that the intensity of certain group chats can sometimes be overwhelming, but the fear of it coming off as rude prevents us from leaving it calmly. Let us know more details about the operation of this future option of the most popular messaging platform.

Smoke bombs arrive on WhatsApp: you can leave the groups without them knowing

Soon you will be able to leave WhatsApp groups without anyone knowing.

This is how silently leaving a WhatsApp group will work

Groups are a very important element of WhatsApp, so it is normal for its developers to focus much of their attention on them. As stated by the specialized media the platform is developing a function that allows users to quietly leave a group.

As we can see in the capture published by said means, when leaving a group we will see a message that will inform us that only group admins will be notified of our departure. In this way, it seems that the usual message will not be displayed in the conversation that indicates that we have left the group and that makes it easier for all its members to find out that we are no longer in it.

Smoke bombs arrive on WhatsApp: you can leave the groups without them knowing

Only administrators will know that you have left a WhatsApp group.

The administrators will continue to know who leaves the group, since they are the ones who find out everything that happens in it. However, other users you won’t be able to tell unless you check the list of participants. If you have always dreamed of being able to escape from a group, soon you will have such a long-awaited possibility.

For now, this function is in testing stage in the beta version of WhatsApp Desktop. If all goes well, the most normal thing is that reach all versions of WhatsApp in the futureAlso for Android and iOS devices. We must remember that WhatsApp prepares other functions to animate groups, such as integrating surveys for users to vote on an issue and view the results.

If you are present in many WhatsApp groups, remember that there are a series of tricks that you can use to get even more out of them.

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