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Sending money to family and friends on Google Pay will be easier than ever

In recent months, we have seen how Google Pay is going through a process of change to go from just a mobile payment service, to a comprehensive tool capable of hosting loyalty cards, discount coupons, boarding passes and much more, without neglecting, yes, the basic function for which the platform was conceived: send and receive money.

Now, a new feature is approaching the Big G payments app. As Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong, who specializes in reverse engineering, has discovered, Google Pay is experimenting with adding payments between individuals through QR codes.

Peer-to-peer payments will come to Google Pay

As can be seen in the screenshot shared by said user, one of the latest versions of the application hides in its code the tool that allows you to send money to other people. This feature will appear as a new tab in the bottom bar, and when clicking on it a new screen is displayed from which to transfer money to a nearby user.

Once the option is operational, users will only have to use your mobile camera to read the QR code of the user you want to send money to, and enter the desired figure. At the moment, it does not seem that there will be a way to send money to other users using only their identifier – a function that is available in other countries.

At the moment, Google has not commented on the arrival of this feature to Google Pay, although it is presumably that it won’t take too long since the option already seems to be fully functional. We will notify you as soon as the sending of money between individuals through QR codes officially reaches the Google payments app.