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Security on Android is still worse than on iOS also in 2020, and the fault lies with fragmentation

I already told us BGR what the debate between iOS and Android is always open, and it is that this bicephaly of mobile platforms loaded with copies, accusations, lawsuits and rivalry has only improved both operating systems at the same time that they were eating other options and an entire market.

Surely at the beginning Android drank more than iOS, but with maturity the transfer of ideas from one platform to the other has become somewhat equal, with iOS always a little better integrated into the iPhone given the enormous symbiosis that Apple achieves when developing hardware and software on its devices.

Yes, the gap has narrowed between a high-performance Android and an iPhone last generation.

In any case, it is very clear that the freedom of Android is one of its greatest virtues and also its main problem, since fragmentation in Google's mobile operating system makes security a headache not only for the search engine giant, but also for us, the users, who not infrequently have run out of update support ahead of time and therefore without security patches.

Google itself has wanted later separate them from the operating system offering monthly security packages, but many manufacturers update quarterly or semi-annually, leaving their terminals normally after two years, when most of them continue with long travel and useful life.

Android security is a problem, especially compared to iOS

Apple control in iOS helps improve security

This time is NordVPN who affirms what for many is obvious, but it is certainly choosing an iPhone over an Android has security advantages thanks to the tight control that the Cupertino firm exercises over its platform, both in the operating system itself and its implementation and in the App Store and the analyzes on the applications that are published.

RisKIQ reports say that Google Play became available to users more than 25,000 apps with , a number much higher than the number of malicious apps that reach the App Store, given the hard analysis that Apple performs in search of , and any other type of threat.

In any case, the same studies corroborate what we have already been commenting on, and that is that the openness and heterogeneity of Android makes new versions of the system never reach countless devices of all kinds, compromising its users by not receiving security updates:

The amount of Android devices that Google has registered, of different types and manufacturers, makes it practically impossible to keep all of them updated at the same level of security and for the same period of time.

It also makes those updates more difficult to implement, as they have to be distributed across different manufacturers and devices.

Android updates come out less frequently, and devices are supported for less time.

Android security is a problem, especially compared to iOS

Fragmentation is a risk, and if the manufacturer has abandoned your devices to their fate, probably the only option to be completely sure is to change the device for another of more current ranges, and is that using outdated versions of Android is not the most recommended.

The numbers do not lie although Google has left us without distribution statistics of the different versions, and that is in the latest published graphs for example Android 5.0 Lollipop retained almost 15% market share, adding up to 5 years between us.

Even older phones with Android 4 KitKat are still alive, no less than 10.1%, and they may be counting up to 7 years right now without receiving updates.

The other side is devastating, well 77% of iPhone users have iOS 13 on their phones, the most recent version of its platform, and that after four months after releasing the stable firmware.

Google has made progress with Project Treble, separating apps and services from operating system and bringing updates from Google Play Services to the Play Store, but still need to keep working because certainly, Android security is compromised by fragmentation happy that we have suffered so much these years …

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