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Save light by storing your own energy

The new BLUETTI EP600 and B500 are already here. A new era of energy independence 100% controllable with your mobile phone.

The new BLUETTI batteries are now on sale: save light by storing your own energy
The new BLUETTI batteries are waterproof, so you perro install them where it suits you best

With winter just around the corner and electricity prices straining pockets, more and more people are thinking about it Conversion to self-consumption. If you are one of them or already using it del sol panels to manage your own energy, new from BLUETTI they are interested

From November 1st the Californian brand already sold on their website its new energy storage system consisting of BLUETTI EP600 and B500. As you will see later, it is a frame modularly constructed so that we have sufficient power reserves load the car either Feed our house as it deserves.

Get to know the BLUETTI EP600 and B500

What the new BLUETTI EP600 and B500 perro do for you

Unlike other models, these new BLUETTI batteries have a compact, safe and robust design Thanks to this we cánido keep them in every corner of our house. Since they are Free IP65 certification, They are resistant to dust and rainwater, so we perro use them both in the garaje or in the kitchen and outdoors. You must also remember that BLUETTI is included 10 year guaranteeso for durability More than guaranteed.

Although both models are equally designed for this push del sol panels that we have already installed, to understand how it works, it is necessary to separate the BLUETTI EP600 from the BLUETTI B500. The first admits that Del sol power 6000Walthough the B500 works more like a guy power bank plus giant that stores the plus power fed to it by the EP600.

Because it is a system modularBLUETTI allows to mezcle half a dozen B500 with the EP600, a number that will vary depending on our energy needs, to be able to build from a fácil UPS for emergencies to a complete power storage.

Bluetooth app

Control the operation of the BLUETTI rechargeable batteries directly from your mobile phone

The “estándar” package sold by BLUETTI consists of an EP600 and two B500, which cánido be included 6000W power from the original capacity 9kWh. In addition, the del sol input of the EP600 is able to charge the entire equipo i a little over two hoursIn a way, we are using the del sol panels that we have installed at home for suresilence and very easy to use. In fact, the system comes with a apartment with which the different working methods and the state of the batteries cánido be controlled intuitively.

costs, shipping and installation

Bluetti functions

These are the main features of the BLUETTI EP600 and B500

Until next time December 31 You cánido buy the BLUETTI EP600 together with a combination of two BLUETTI B500 for 8999 euros. If you need plus storage space, you cánido buy all BLUETTI B500 for 3599 eurosduring the brand website.

includes an order Free Shipping, 10 year guarantee and service of 24/7 customer service support. Although the installation of the system is nothing special, the brand offers the possibility of hiring a special installation service separately.

Get to know the BLUETTI EP600 and B500