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Samsung squeezes the Bespoke Edition: there will be more colors and yes, they will arrive in Europe


Samsung’s “à la carte” color choices will return in 2022 with the Galaxy Z Flip4, which will increase the possible combinations and now reach more markets in Asia and Europe.

After a year in which Samsung has shone more than ever in the mobile industry, the truth is that in Suwon they continue to have big plans for a ‘Galaxy’ of devices that, increasingly, bet on maximum customization and exclusive versions as the new goose that lays the golden eggs in the mobile market.

Not in vain, Samsung has already joined on numerous occasions the fashion of creating limited run devices based on Star Wars, Mercedes-Benz or others in addition to signing agreements with video game developers to have exclusive content and even prepare editions of their Galaxy Z that allowed us, only in some countries, choose the shades of our Galaxy phone to our liking.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition

Samsung will adorn the future of its Galaxy devices with lots of color and full customization.

And it’s about the latter about which we have interesting news, because the friends of SamMobile They confirmed that these Samsung will return in 2022 again with the Galaxy Z as protagonistsfurther increasing the options and fortunately expanding the program to many more markets in Asia and Europe.

It seems that Samsung relies on customization to the taste of users as one of the great attractions of the mobile market today, so more shades eligible for the Galaxy ‘Bespoke’ program will now be added to the exclusive colors of its online store. Z, which in turn will also be offered in more countries in Europe and Asia.

The extreme personalization of mobile phones, the new goose that lays the golden eggs for Android manufacturers

Thus, to the already confirmed colors of the Galaxy Z Flip4 in previous leaks, the gold, gray, blue and purplewill be joined by a lot of color combinations between the metal chassis and the two glasses, being able this time choose from over 49 combinations offered by the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke for a few months and adding even more colors and possible combinations to the equation.

obviously the edit of the Galaxy Z Flip4, the only one confirmed, the hardware will not vary but only its appearance To allow us to fully personalize your device experience, we assume that you always exclusively from the store official manufacturer.

For now we only know that they will be color combinations availableand it has also emerged that Samsung plans expand program availability to more markets in Asia and Europewithout confirmations from countries yet but with a much more open horizon than that of 2021 with Australia, Canada, Korea, the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom as the only beneficiaries.

We will have to wait a few more weeks, but I am sure that this news will encourage many especially considering that the folding type from Samsung has been the greatest success of the folding Galaxy Z family since its inception, also being the most accepted hinged format by users both for versatility and utility, quality and prices…

In the electronics and mobile industry, Samsung shines brighter than ever

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