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Samsung is giving away a “surprise bag” of more than 1000 euros to all Olympic athletes: what does it contain?

This is what each of the bags that Samsung has given to athletes contains,

Few more important sporting events exist than the Olympics. The Olympic Games are currently being held in Tokyo where a total of 204 countries are fighting for medals in different sports. And of course an event of such magnitude that it is seen by millions of people around the world, It is still a great showcase to advertise.

This is how the South Korean firm Samsung thinks, known not only for being the largest mobile phone company in the world but also one of the brands that invests the most in advertising, that has graced each Olympic athlete with a surprise bag valued at more than 1,000 euros. What will it contain? Let's find out.

This is what the surprise bag that Samsung is regulating at the Olympic Games contains

Athletes have received quite a few gifts from Samsung

Samsung not only makes great Android phones, but it also knows how to sell itself perfectly. Therefore, that it is at the top beating large firms such as Apple, Huawei or Xiaomi is no coincidence. The South Koreans have decided that the Olympics are a great showcase for publicity and for all this they have put all the meat on the spit.

As we read in SAMMobile, Samsung has given each of the Olympic athletes a gift bag valued at about 1,000 euros. In total, about 17,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Thanks to a TikTok post from one of these participants, we already know what these bags contain. A Samsung Galaxy S21 Olympic Edition, some Galaxy Buds Pro and a pen. It's not bad at all.

This is what the limited Samsung Galaxy S21 special Olympics edition looks like

Many of the athletes will not win a medal but will take home a few souvenirs. The most important is to participate in the Olympic games. But also one of the best smartphones on the market as well as wireless headphones that are very worthwhile.

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