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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, Z Flip3, Watch4 and Buds2, everything we already know before Unpacked 2021

We already know almost everything about the latest from Samsung, so here you have all the details of Unpacked before Unpacked.

We are getting dangerously close to the date defined by Samsung to teach us the best of its Galaxy catalog in 2021, although the truth is that next August 11 we will see an Unpacked with practically no surprises, and it is that of the Galaxy Z Flip3, Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Buds2 we already know almost everything.

We do not speak in vain, because we have seen the Galaxy Buds2 in all its angles, also the new Galaxy Watch4 and its WearOS unified with Tizen, and we even know how the design of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3 will be, which will have IPx8 certification. , which will have a New generation S-Pen and even some of the hardware that will hide under the hood.

The promotional image of Samsung's Unpacked 2021.

If, in fact, we even know their prices and release dates, also the gifts that Samsung will include with the presale of its new folding, and the only thing we need is to put the glove on them to tell you our impressions With the newest and best that the Samsung Galaxy will prepare us in this turbulent year, which will end the global chip crisis by finally leaving us without Galaxy Note21.

We will not give more laps, we will review everything that has been leaked about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, Z Flip3, Watch4 and Buds2 so that you also have all the information before Unpacked, but first things first, right here We link prices and availabilities of the next stars of the Android catalog.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3, these will be their prices and pre-sale gifts

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

It will be the second generation of the Galaxy Z Flip although it equals its Fold cousins ​​in numbering, this time maintaining a continuity design but listening to the market to adopt a larger and more functional outer panel.

It will arrive in various colors and will bet on design, although it will not forget the highest performance hardware, which we now present to you:

  • 1.9 inch external screen.
  • 6.7 inch flexible display with 120 Hz refresh rate and .
  • Hinge , flat metal body and glass.
  • IPx8 certification.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset (some sources report the Snapdragon 870 to contain costs).
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • 256 GB of storage.
  • Full connectivity up to 5G, WiFi6, Bluetooth, aGPS, NFC, UWB and USB Type-C.
  • 3,300 mAh battery (some sources speak of an unlikely 3,900 mAh).
  • 25 watt fast charging, wireless and reversible charging.
  • Internal camera with hole in screen.
  • Double main camera, standard plus 12 megapixel wide angle.

It will hit the market on August 28, at a price around 925 euros to change from the South Korean won, which could translate to about 999 euros in international markets. To clarify this point, we will have to wait.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

In this case, we are facing the third generation Galaxy FoldAlthough the former was more of an experiment than a usable smartphone on a commercial level.

Too advocates continuity in design and format, although Samsung will polish its construction again to offer greater durability, water resistance and much-claimed support for the S-Pen, which is reinvented for these large format devices.

Its hardware is extremely high performance, its price will be consistent and also will opt for cutting-edge technology as a camera under the flexible screen:

  • 6.2-inch SuperAMOLED 120 Hz external display.
  • 7.5-inch SuperAMOLED 120Hz flexible display with HDR10 + and .
  • Hinge , metal body and glass.
  • IPx8 certification.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset.
  • 12/16 GB of RAM.
  • 256/512 GB of storage.
  • Full connectivity up to 5G, WiFi6, Bluetooth, aGPS, NFC, UWB and USB Type-C.
  • 4,400 mAh battery.
  • 25 watt fast charging, wireless and reversible charging.
  • 10MP Sony IMX374 external camera.
  • Inner chamber 16 MP Sony IMX471.
  • Triple main camera, standard Sony IMX555 of 10 MP plus telephoto lens Samsung ISOCELL 3M5 of 12 MP plus ultra-wide angle Samsung ISOCELL 3L6 of 12 MP.
  • Support for Hybrid S-Pen.

It should also be released on the market on August 28, at least in South Korea with prices starting from 1,475 euros at the current exchange rate and various gifts for those who reserve their unit previously.

One more time the most expensive smartphone in the Android catalog that is not oriented to the luxury market, but is that having the best and most innovative always costs them a lot to the let them get hold of one.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

In your case, it is the most important Samsung smartwatches probably since its landing in this market, since the South Koreans have just signed peace with Google unifying the Wear OS and Tizen platforms to bring more functionality to smart watches.

The Galaxy Watch4 will arrive in two flavors to compete against the Apple Watch in the best conditions, now with a larger app base in its store and with all the potential of Google and Wear OS, spiced up by Samsung's experience and the enormous quality of its quantification software.

Here are all the rumored specs in each case:

  • Galaxy Watch 4

    • SuperAMOLED AOD circular screen.
    • Ultra low consumption 5 nanometer chipset.
    • SpO2 detection.
    • Advanced quantification.
    • WiFi and LTE versions.
    • 40mm or 44mm.

It will be the heir to the Galaxy Watch Active2, with prices that are shuffled around the 350 euros for the 40-millimeter model, going up to about 380 the greatest clock with 44 millimeter case.

  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

    • SuperAMOLED AOD circular screen.
    • Ultra low power 5 nanometer chipset.
    • SpO2 detection.
    • Advanced quantification.
    • MIL-STD-810G certification.
    • Rotating control bezel.
    • Gorilla Glass DX + glass.
    • Water resistance up to 5 ATM.
    • WiFi and LTE versions.
    • 42mm or 46mm steel or aluminum case.

In your case, prices will rise in the case of a watch with a more careful construction, costing from about 470 euros for the 42-millimeter model and from the 500 euros for the 46 millimeter, always talking about base versions.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

With his new headphones Samsung changes the paradigm, forgetting about the most From the market where their Galaxy Buds Pro that have less than six months in stores will continue to compete.

This time, the South Koreans will Google's strategy and bet on zoom in on an audio better quality to more pockets, with an adaptation of those Galaxy Buds Pro that some functionalities such as ANC are left on the way to become more attractive and economical.

This is what they will offer us, at least if we pay attention to the multiple leaks:

  • Passive noise reduction, no ANC.
  • Improved audio with AKG settings.
  • 60 mAh battery in each earbud, with 500 mAh in the box.
  • Advanced features with Galaxy Wearables.

In your case, you talk about prices around 100-150 euros starting with no rumored release date and arriving as gift for everyone who buys a Galaxy Flip3 or Galaxy Fold3 in the pre-booking period.

These are the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 that we would like to see in an UNPACKED

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