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Samsung confirms there will be a new Samsung Galaxy Note in 2021

There will be Samsung Galaxy Note in 2021: a spokesperson for the brand assures that they are working on a new model.

It seems more and more likely that the Galaxy Note20 is not going to be the last model in the history of the Note series. Despite the rumors heard in recent weeks seemed to contradict each other, indicating that the Galaxy Note family could be discontinued, A Samsung spokesperson has confirmed that there will indeed be new Galaxy Note in 2021.

This is how they announce it from the Korean portal Yonhap News, referring to the statements of a spokesperson who has decided to remain anonymous.

There will be Galaxy Note in 2021

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra may not be the latest model in the Note series.

Samsung itself has already confirmed its intentions to bring the functions of the Note series to the models of other lines, starting with the S-Pen, which will be compatible with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

But, despite the latest rumors, that does not imply that Note series go to die. At least not next year. The aforementioned spokesperson stated that “they are preparing to launch a new Galaxy Note series next year,” noting that the message confirming that the Note functions would reach other models, “does not mean that the Galaxy Note series is going to be discontinued ”.

Therefore, lovers of this family of terminals can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for one more year: despite the – increasingly minor – differences between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note, and the compelling reasons to stop updating the Note series, everything indicates that in 2021 we will see new devices of this saga.