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Samsung and Fortnite organize an epic “trolling” to Apple

The creators of Fortnite launch yet another taunt at Apple for removing their game from the App Store, and this time, they have partnered with Samsung to do so.

Since the soap opera between Epic Games and Apple ended with Fortnite removed from the iOS App Store, the game developer decided to start her particular war against the Cupertino giant, through the movement for which it is requested that both Apple and Google remove the obligation of having to pay 30% of the gaming revenue to companies as a commission.

This movement has left us moments like the Fortnite “anti-apple” tournament held a few months ago, or more recently, a new “trolling” towards Apple produced by Epic Games in collaboration with Samsung -Who else-.

Epic Games and Samsung send a Galaxy Tab S7 to some influencers

The pack that Epic Games has sent to some influencers.

How they count in , Epic Games strategy has been to send, in collaboration with Samsung, a box with different products to some .

This box, which by the way, is very reminiscent of those that Apple used to use years ago to package its products – even the typography is the same – contains both a Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and a jacket with the Fortnite flame logo using the colors that colored the Apple logo in the 1980s.

Both on the box and on the jacket itself you can read the slogan . This, by the way, recalls an item of clothing that some Apple employees wore several years ago.

In addition to that, a card is included stating that, although Fortnite is still not available in the iOS App Store and Google Play, it is possible to download the game through the Galaxy Store, where by the way, the title has been chosen game of the year. Meanwhile, Android users can download the game from Epic Games official, and iOS users still shapeless download the game, and only those who already had it on their devices can continue playing, although will not receive updates of any kind.

This is just one more attempt by Epic Games to try to discredit Apple after its game was removed from the store for not obeying the rules of the App Store. We must also not forget that Google is also in Epic’s crosshairs, and due to his decision to remove the game from the Play Store, he is also facing a lawsuit from the Fortnite developer.