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Salesforce buys Slack and is already one of the largest acquisitions in the technology sector

Telecommuting is all the rage, Salesforce buys Slack in one of the largest operations in the industry, and Microsoft Teams now has a rival with much more muscle.

Just yesterday the CNBC converted what already is one of the news of the year in the business software sector in an open secret, and it is that yes friends, indeed Salesforce did intend to buy Slack to make it one of the most muscular competitors to Microsoft Teams.

The agreement has been confirmed at the close of the markets in the United States, meeting expectations and with figures that make it one of the most important operations in the technology industry in recent times, and it is not for less with teleworking on the rise and one of the most accepted platforms for working in offshoring teams such as Slack involves buying and selling.

Salesforce is already one of the custom CRM software development companies most popular in the United States, although quite unknown in our markets until this media move, taking over Slack for an amount estimated at 27.7 billion dollars.

Stewart Butterfield, the founder of Slack in a Reuters image.

A multi-million dollar operation we haven't seen in the digital industry for a long time

It's not the only one major acquisition Salesforce made in recent times to strengthen its position with office tools, and since 2018, 6.5 billion dollars have already been spent on MuleSoft and another 15.3 billion dollars on the data experts at Tableau.

Already the news had triggered movements in the bags, with Slack starring in a rally of almost 40% in its price since a week ago, when the rumors started.

The details of the agreement they will surely be known in the next few days, but there is talk of a part of the cash amount with approximately half of the signed amounts paid in shares, to close the purchase of a company that experts valued at more than 24,000 million yesterday.

The operation is actually compared to the IBM's purchase of Red Hat, which paid about $ 34 billion in 2019, or that of Linkedin by Microsoft for the 27,000 million euros disbursed in 2016.

Salesforce buys Slack to compete with Microsoft Teams.

Salesforce buys Slack to make it the great alternative to Microsoft Teams.

So, Slack is no longer just the most serious competitor to Teams in remote collaborative work environments, but also now the competitor that has the most to offer and the one with the most muscle to unseat the dominant position of Microsoft's solution.

It remains to be seen what synergies both Salesforce and Slack leverage, and the plans the new owners have for the popular channel-based messaging platform, already adopted by countless companies as a very powerful software for teamwork in 100% digital environments.