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Renew your wallpaper: Google launches a new collection of wallpapers for mobile and PC

Are you looking for a new wallpaper for your mobile? Google has just expanded its collection with some great designs.

As is customary in almost all manufacturers, Google is going releasing new wallpapers for your exclusive devices, such as Google Pixels or your Chromebooks.

However, and thanks to the folks at Android Police, who has had the patience to extract them, it is possible to enjoy these wallpapers regardless of the mobile or PC you have. Pay attention because we are going to tell you how can you download them and what is the collection of wallpapers with which Google has expanded its spring repertoire.

Download here the new Google wallpapers

Google's new collection of wallpapers highlights cultural diversity

Baptized as “Togetherness”, which means “union” in English, these new wallpapers have been designed for Google by three illustrators of African descent: Aurélia Durand, Sabrena khadija, Y Meech Boakye. A collection that was born with the aim of celebrate cultural diversity, something that translates into a whole color festival for your screen.

Take a good look at the designs because sure you will find one that fits your device.

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In order to download them, Android Police have uploaded the entire collection to Mediafire, from where you can get off at ZIP format a folder with the 24 wallpapers of “Togetherness”. As if that were not enough, within it you can also find other four galleries of wallpapers, also designed exclusively for Google.

You can choose to download the wallpapers in two sizes, one more suitable for the vertical screens of mobile phones and another more designed for tablets or computers. Of course, keep in mind that it is very possible that their fit is not perfect, so they will wear, yes or yes, a small cutout.

Remember that if you have a device with ChromeOS You can get these wallpapers directly from the wallpapers app of it.

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