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Remembering when Samsung launched the Galaxy Camera, a digital camera with Android built in

Smartphones and technology in general advance by leaps and bounds. What today may be a trend tomorrow will be a thing of the past. Although currently the most talked about is folding screens and 5G technology, what will be next?

For this reason, it is not surprising that brands bet and take risks with their devices, although sometimes they do not turn out well. No, we are not talking about Xiaomi and its Mi MIX Alpha, a smartphone that apparently does not interest practically anyone, but an Android product that went on the market less than eight years ago and now hardly anyone remembers.

Samsung Galaxy Camera: do you remember her?

An Android camera? This was the Samsung Galaxy Camera, an Android device announced in August 2012 and officially released on November 8, 2012 under the slogan “Camera. Reborn ”.

This camera had a 16 megapixel sensor – At that time the fashion of the 108 was not carried, it also had Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity and even GPS. Of course it had the version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and you could download applications from the Google store itself. However, phone calls could not be made.

The marketing of this device was brutal since even the actor, director, producer and much more James Franco, appeared in many videos promoting said product. Of course the Galaxy Camera did not stop there and underwent a couple of evolutions until the South Korean firm realized that compact cameras were losing ground to smartphones.

It's funny, because Android is not only a perfect operating system for smartphones as we have also seen it in watches, cars and televisions. However, we cannot say the same in terms of cameras and we ask ourselves: Would you like to see more professional photography camera with Android and integrated Play Store?