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realme is preparing the mobile with the fastest wireless magnetic charging in the world

From China, realme is already preparing the presentation of MagDart as the first magnetic wireless charging technology in the Android catalog.

It seems that in China all manufacturers want its own revolutionary charging technology, and if Xiaomi destroys batteries with the 200W while Huawei tests its 90W wireless charging, now it is really who advances with the first magnetic wireless charging technology that we will see on the Android platform.

The technology in question is called realme MagDart and we had already heard rumors about her, although now it is official after leaking the first details of the first smartphone to incorporate it, which is none other than this realme flash that we also know more in depth today thanks to the companions of GSMArena.

This is realme's MagDart charger, or at least one of its leaked prototypes.

Not surprisingly, it seems that the realme solution will indeed be similar to Apple's MagSafe, attaching magnets to the back of the smartphone to wirelessly charge the device, for now still without revealing specific power data and with a thicker and rougher design, as you can see in the image, that of the Cupertino devices.

And it is that they say from real me that will be the fastest wireless charging in the world when present, above 15 watts according to some sources, so extra cooling of that fan will be required that you see integrated into the MagDart base, and that will prevent the mobile from overheating when charging it.

An implementation similar to Apple's MagSafe but according to realme itself with higher power and faster loading speed, which will perhaps require that fan that we see in the MagDart base.

realme flash

Leaked promotional image of the realme Flash, showing off the Chinese manufacturer's MagDart upload.

As it has transpired, the charger itself also includes a USB-C connector to stay within the standard, and there are probably more models as in previous leaks we could see smaller circular bases With the built-in cable, surely for easy travel.

As for the smartphone itself, this realme Flash should be released in the next few weeks to go on the market during the second half of 2021, with high claims and the desire to become a new for realme and in a for everyone else.

realme flash

The first leaked ‘renders' of this new realme Flash with magnetic wireless charging.

There is talk of a curved screen design with a hole in the screen, chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 accompanied by 12 GB of RAM, as well as another 256GB for internal storage.

The main camera should integrate a triple sensor module, while Android 11 with realme UI would bring the device to life with the power running in charge of a MagDart load that would complete a remarkable cast of which, logically, we will have to wait to know its price to make better evaluations.

For now, things are looking good so we'll have to track down realme more closely, as it is actually the fastest growing manufacturer in the entire history of the mobile industry in Europe …

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