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realme follows in the footsteps of Xiaomi and announces its own pet

Chinese firms have taken a liking to having an animal representation.

Normally we would bring you an announcement about a new realme mobile, such as the recently presented realme 7i, but this news is about something much more relevant, at least in the long term.

And it is that the Chinese firm has released its own pet, realmeow who from this moment has become the symbol of the brand in front of its fans or, as they themselves have cataloged it, the “Chief Trend Officer”.

If you are aware of the universe of pets-smartphone brands, you will know that realme is not a pioneer in this field, Well, Xioami already introduced Mitu, his beloved .

realmeow, the futuristic looking realme cat

This is the realme mascot, realmeow.

As we can see in the image above, realmeow looks youthful and energetic, with laser glasses that evoke a futuristic feel on all four sides. In fact, own realme assures me that her pet is 18 years old, An unequivocal sign that the company's main target is users from close age ranges.

Other peculiarities of realmeow are that he “loves to skate, dance hip-hop and listen to rap,” as well as a personality daring, original and trendsetter, identities that he also seems to really want to associate with.

Both the merchandising and future marketing campaigns of the Asian brand will have their main protagonist in the new mascot. In fact, some images have already been leaked online where the fully integrated re-realmeow image between the products is shown.

Here is an example with a pack consisting of the realme Buds Air Pro, the realme smartwatch S, a mask and a bag with the image of realmeow.

realme pack with realmeow image

Realme product pack with the realmeow image.

The realme mascot is designed by animator Mark A. Walsh, a regular in the world of animation, together with the Chinese firm's design team.