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PUBG Mobile Updates with New Game Mode, 90FPS Game Support, and a Tesla Factory

PUGB Mobile receives a multitude of news.

On Android there are many and quite interesting games, but there is no doubt that the Battle Royale genre is one of the most popular. Within this genre we must highlight PUGB Mobile, a title not only quite fun but also with one of the largest communities on Android.

PUBG Mobile has just been updated and that can only be good news. Lots of news for one of the best mobile games. Do you want to know them all? Well, keep reading.

A Tesla factory, new game mode, 90 FPS and much more in PUBG Mobile

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By now surely all of you will know PUBG Mobile. It is a battle royale that reached a lot of popularity first on PC and which later moved to mobile and other platforms.

PUBG Mobile was for a time a benchmark in the genre until Fortnite arrived and swept everything. Hence, its developers do not stop adding new game modes and news to keep the game alive and the community active. And apparently it seems that they are getting it.

As we read on the official blog, PUGB Mobile receives a multitude of news with its version 1.5. One of them has been to add a Tesla factory to the Erangel map. As if that were not enough, a new car has also been added, nothing more and nothing less than a Tesla Model Y which will support the autopilot function.

A new game mode called “Mission Ignition” is also added. which will consist in that the map will be transformed into advanced technological zones that will have new buildings, elevators, doors and other elements. Players will also be able to move freely around the map thanks to teleporters, which will add new forms of strategy.

And we continue because a new weapon called MG3 is also incorporated, a light machine gun. Last but not least, the update also brings performance improvements, bug fixes, and 90 FPS support for more devices.

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