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Pokémon GO confirms that the GO Fighting League will arrive in early 2020

There are currently few more popular mobile games that Pokemon go, which has a large mass of active players. Niantic's star work has its community used to receiving news that improve its gameplay, such as the return of Regirock, Regice and Registeel to raids. However, players were missing a desired function, the competitive online mode, a feature coming in early 2020.

Through a statement in their website, the team responsible for Pokémon GO has announced that The GO Fighting League will arrive in early 2020. Battles have been one of the pillars of the Pokémon universe since its inception, so Niantic has been satisfied to announce the development of this function, which is based on Trainer Battles and the player vs. player battle system. player which is already present in the mobile game.

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Call GO Fighting League, this feature will encourage users to go outside to explore together with their Pokémon. On this occasion, coaches will have the opportunity to walk to enter this new competitive online mode to face opponents from all corners of the world. Something that will be possible thanks to an online matchmaking system.

Competitive online mode will arrive in early 2020

In the same way, Pokémon GO players who access this competitive online mode they will be able to rise in rank in their own league. The team responsible for the star work of Niantic, a company that continues investigating problems with Xiaomi phones, has assured that they hope that this new function will make the Pokémon GO fighting experience more competitive and accessible for the largest number of players.

Pokémon GO has also confirmed that it is expected to GO Fighting League sees the light of day in early 2020, while announcing that they will offer more information and details on this feature in a Developer Reveals video soon. As always remember be alert to your surroundings while enjoying Pokémon GO to avoid any danger and not to disturb others.