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Pokémon GO 0.37 includes the Pokémon companion and other new features, update now!

Pokémon GO 0.37 includes the Pokémon companion and other new features, update now!

Although several months have passed since its launch, Pokémon GO is still a true mass phenomenon. Of course, in the first few weeks it has undoubtedly lost the allure of playing pleasure, although the game continues to enjoy a huge usuario base that will be happy to hear the latest news that the new update brings.

About an hour ago, the @PokémonGoNews Twitter account he left us Image showing the new features that version 0.37 of Pokémon GO will introduce, and there are quite a few. However, there is one especial one that caught our attention and it’s called “Friend System” and we’ll be lucky to use it when we update the application.

This new system will likely allow trainers to choose specific Pokemon as ours a friend or party. Likewise, it seems that from now on walk This not only allows us to open eggs, but also gives us special candies from our “Pokémon partner”.. Undoubtedly, this feature is extremely useful for Pokemon that are harder to find.

Along with the new buddy system, Niantic has made it easier to choose smaller Pokémon on screen. Secondly, Improved the overall performance and stability of the applicationbut they do not forget the annoying a beetle that some jugadores suffered when Pokemon Egg hatching animation was not displayed.

A large number of jugadores will appreciate the novelties that Niantic has included in this version, especially Pokémon partner jugadores. However, More and more jugadores are eagerly awaiting the update that will finally bring second-generation Pokémonor fights between trainers.

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What do you think of the new features included in the latest Pokémon GO version 0.37?