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Philips will launch its first tablets in china

If we think of the Philips brand, we automatically associate it with technology related to the home. For this reason, the European manufacturer also wants to be known for being able to offer other kinds of products.

For years it has had a division dedicated to the manufacture of mobile phones, which have not been well received by users. Now she sets out to conquer a completely unknown market for her, but with an increasingly evident growth: .

For its landing in this class of devices, it has created the range , which has 3 initial terminals: Tablet 8, Tablet 7+ and Tablet 7 Color

At the moment few details have transcended these devices, but some are already known:

Tablet 8:

  • 8 ″ LDC 4: 3 screen with HD 1024 × 768 resolution.

  • Stereo sound with 4 independent speakers.

  • It lacks a rear camera, but has a front one.

  • Metallic finish.

Tablet 7+:

  • 7 ″ 16: 9 screen with 1024 × 600 resolution.

  • 2 MP rear camera and a front camera with VGA quality.

  • 1 GHz processor.

  • 8 GB of internal memory.

  • WI-FI connectivity.

  • 4,000 mAh battery.

Tablet 7 Color:

  • Choice of color.

  • 7 ″ 16: 9 screen with 800 × 480 resolution.

  • 2 MP rear camera and a front camera with VGA quality.

  • 1 GHz processor.

  • 8 GB internal memory

  • Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • 4,000 mAh battery.

As you can see, the only difference between the 7+ and 7 Color models is the resolution of the screen (we need to know more information …). Regarding prices, no data has been transcended either, but it is estimated that due to the characteristics disclosed it is not very high.

We leave you with the presentation video of this new range that surely more than one is looking forward to reaching the European market.

How do you see the new journey of this manufacturer? Would you get one if it reached our market? Let us know!