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PC and Xbox games could come to Android thanks to Microsoft

According to the Reuters agency, Microsoft could be interested on bringing Xbox and PC games to Android and iOS by the end of the year, although it doesn't give many more details. According to Nikkei, Microsoft would partner with the game developer to Japanese Klab to launch Xbox and Microsoft titles on Android devices and on the iPhone. We assume that these games will also be compatible with .

Age of Empires apparently is one of those games which will hit the Google Play Store as a title at the end of this fiscal year. Others will follow, but have not been disclosed.

Considering that are becoming gaming devices more and more powerful and considering that Android and iOS are the kings of market share and profits respectively, it has a lot of sense that Microsoft make this decision to bring more applications of this type to both platforms. After all, Microsoft is winning enough money from Android Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) via various license agreements that you have closed. Furthermore, the company has several for Android and iOS and has brought its office automation Office to iOS, although in a limited version. Office is expected to appear for Android in the future as well.

Those of Redmond would also have applications that would have to do with Xbox in the two main stores. ing the recent Xbox One announcement, Microsoft might be interested in connect more smart devices with the Xbox cloud in the coming months and years.

Despite everything, the signature has yet to make official whatever plans you have for Android when it comes to games. We can only speculate on the future movements they will make (nothing we have been able to consult is very revealing), so we will remain awaiting future information.