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Panasonic has created a “rescue vacuum” for headphones that fall onto the train tracks

It sounds like a joke but it is not: the headphones lost on the tracks had become a nuisance.

We are used to getting some bizarre news from Asia and the last one has to do with a vacuum cleaner of headphones that Panasonic has created.

The why of this crazy invention It has all the sense of the world.

It turns out that Japan’s train companies have asked their users to avoid throwing your headphones on the tracks train because removing them is a complicated and expensive task.

We imagine that many of these “launches” are accidental, but the truth is that between July and September they were reported 950 cases of headphones dropped to the tracks at 78 different stations, according to the data of East Japan Railway Co.

Station workers often use a grasping tool (a system similar to tweezers) to pick up lost items on the tracks, but headphones don’t make it easy they are too small and often get stuck in gravel.

Panasonic has created a vacuum cleaner to make the task of collecting fallen headphones easier.

Panasonic has come for to all

It may sound like a joke, but the retirement task was already beginning to be too tedious. So much so that, as told in the Japan Times station workers had to stay after the last train and pick them up one by one.

To put a stop to all this, East Japan Railway Co has started working with Panasonic to develop a headphone. The goal is to create a device that works as such, not to think of a conventional vacuum cleaner, since its only mission will be to extract the finite headphones from the tracks.

The first tests carried out at the Ikebukuro station are satisfactory and they have shown that the Panasonic vacuum cleaner picks up lost headphones much faster than the previously used grabbing tool.