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Pac-Man Monsters, a twist on a classic

In we like games, if yesterday we unveiled one of the best classic sagas thanks to the Android version of XCOM. Today is the turn of another history lesson. We all know Pac-Man, that arcade game in which we controlled a yellow ball in a maze that had to swallow all the white dots –Pac-dots– while fleeing from enemies in the form of a ghost. The game became a total success, TV series, games of all types and on all platforms, . It is not little everything related to the good of Pac-Man.

But if you thought this was going to be a mere copy of the original game with better graphics and full of in-game payouts, you are wrong – at least on the first point. Pac-Man arrives on the Android platform in a version that has nothing to do with the one we all know, we will not run through a maze eating all the dots nor will we have to flee from the colorful ghosts that haunt us.

Instead, we are facing an original puzzle game in which we will have to match balls of the same color through gestures to earn action points with which we will be able to attack the enemies on the screen. The game is a mix between Candy Crush Saga, a battle game and a puzzle game being created a combination that works perfectly. If to its fun gameplay some colorful graphics, nice and friendly designs and , we are facing a game that will make us have a great time those moments of most boredom.

Pac-Man Monsters screen

Whether you are a fan of Pac-Man or not, the truth is that you cannot pass the opportunity to try this addictive game. If in addition, you can download completely free on Google Play –Although with in-app purchases–, we have no excuse not to play it.

Google play | Pac-Man Monsters (free)