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OPPO, Xiaomi and vivo have ousted Huawei from the world’s largest mobile market

Since 2012, a worse Q2 has not been seen in the Chinese mobile market, where Huawei's fall is being taken advantage of by Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and other competitors.

We had already warned for some time that the profits of Xiaomi and other Chinese competitors were growing in direct proportion to the drop recorded by Huawei, but it is that in a scenario like this the truth is that it is good to stop to analyze a mobile market that in China fails to recover from the global hit suffered in 2020.

Not surprisingly, already in the first quarter of 2021 the numbers were painted in red with a historical drop of 20% in sales, which, as we were told by colleagues from Gizmo China has crawled up to register worst second quarter of the annual series since 2012 in a giant market that once seemed to have no roof.

China posts its worst Q2 of the annual series since 2012, with a huge drop for Huawei that others are looking to take advantage of.

This latest report of the mobile market in China published it Counterpoint Research, announcing that indeed Xiaomi is the fastest growing brand in its native country in this second quarter that we just closed, and that surprisingly places vivo as the first manufacturer in the Chinese market keeping 23% of the market share for himself.

The mobile market in China registers its worst Q2 since 2012 with numerous ups and downs in recent months, crowning Xiaomi as the manufacturer that grows the most in the shelter of the fall of Huawei and also to vivo, which is already the first manufacturer in sales volume eating 23% of the cake.

The world's best-selling smartphones in 2021: Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung dominate the market

The figures do not lie, since the 75 million smartphones sold in China between the months of April and June 2021 represent worst second quarter in China since 2012, with a cumulative 13% fall over an already poor first quarter, in addition to a 7% year-on-year contraction quite noticeable.

The graphs have danced quite a bit in recent months, and the ups and downs have not even managed to mask clearly bad results, especially since the effects of the pandemic are still being felt and also because the veto suffered by Huawei has been a huge blow for a giant with an overwhelming production capacity and the largest share of the Chinese market, which is now shared between competitors such as realme, OPPO, ZTE, vivo and Xiaomi, as well as other more minority ones.

In fact, it is that as you will see Xiaomi itself and other brands, including Apple, are undergoing improvements in its figures directly proportional to the fall of Huawei, whose share of the Chinese market fell to 72% due to the lack of supplies and their problems to assemble devices without access to the technology of the United States, nor the possibility of trading with their Americans.

Mobile Market in China Q2-2021

Huawei loses its hegemony in China, in a scenario of contraction in the mobile market.

The Xiaomi growth is very remarkable, with a 70% year-on-year That speaks highly of the Haidian firm's expansion plans even within Chinese borders.

At least it seems that experts already predict green shoots for a third quarter of 2021 in which smartphone sales should rebound, especially since the foundations are laid for improvement and both the presentation of the new Apple iPhone, like the arrival of new folding starting with Samsung and the return of Honor, will help to encourage the renovations of terminals for this second part of the course.

Xiaomi's profits continue to rise in line with Huawei's sales drop

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