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OPPO presents the OPPO X 2021, the world’s first mobile with an expandable screen

OPPO enters the segment of mobiles with futuristic screens in a big way.

OPPO has celebrated its INNO Day 2021 today and in it has announced important news for the immediate future of the company, both in terms of product and business strategy.

Thus, in the coming months the OPPO wireless charger 50 W mini SuperVooc Charge, smart glasses OPPO AR Glass 2021, the advanced location service OPPO CybeReal and, the star of the show, the smartphone with roll-up screen OPPO X 2021.

OPPO x 2021: expandable screens are a reality

The first mobile with a rollable screen from OPPO will arrive in 2021.

We have read a lot in recent months about new folding phones that did real tricks with their screens. At the end of the year we also reported a Xiaomi patent with roller fronts, and, a few months later, of the prototypes of the Chinese company TLC with this same system at the front. Even Motorola ventured to launch a mobile with an extendable screen, although in your case vertically.

But, almost all of this that we tell you, with the exception of Motorola, was speculation and evidence. In the case of OPPO it is totally official. Next year we will have available your first smartphone with an expanding screen And the first impression is really good.

At the moment the only data that is known is that the OLED main panel will be 6.7 inch and that, when stretched, it will reach 7.4. The company has already pointed to the great utility of this size for actions such as playing games, watching videos, reading (frankly reminiscent of an ebook) or using the split screen function.

For its development, OPPO has registered a total of 122 patents and, additionally, another 12 patents of displacement mechanism Also, as reported in the presentation itself, they decided to bet on the extensible / roll-up screen format for put focus on durability and avoid heavy wear which involves the process of continually folding the front.