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OnePlus 10 Pro Analysis – Review with Opinion and Features

We’ve finally tested the latest addition to the OnePlus flagship family. This is our version of the new OnePlus 10 Pro.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen
The OnePlus 10 Pro starts with a unique design that is very different from all other OnePlus so far Photo: Christian Collado

OnePlus continues to strive to create the perfect flagship. For the fourth consecutive year, the difficult task of competing with the most expensive teléfonos inteligentes on the market falls to the model surnamed “Pro”. front technical partthe latest developments of the brand in terms of photography and design and of course the highest price for its entire catalogue.

This year, the OnePlus 10 Pro comes alone and late. After the first launch in China earlier this year, the brand has decided to take it to the international market, where it will have to face the reference models of the main manufacturers.

And it’s not going to be easy: the competition is fierce, and OnePlus, despite the fact that they’ve managed to build one full and fair deviceeven apart from what his models did one day a more attractive alternative to the insignia “of a lifetime”, that is, to become another model superior to the offers of OPPO and Realme without offering additional values ​​in relation to Find X5 or GT 2 Pro.

OnePlus 10 Pro, review and review

OnePlus 10 Pro, test report and notice from Andro4all
Should you buy the OnePlus 10 Pro?
In favor of
  • Excellent quality screen
  • Original design and good build quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Lack of consistency in the programa
  • The cameras are no match for their competitors
  • No IP confirmation
ConclusionsThe 10 Pro is just another OnePlus: extreme performance, ultra-fast charging and a high-quality screen are the hallmarks of the house… as was the programa until ColorOS crossed the street.

OnePlus 10 Pro

A great móvil, with the usual problems

OnePlus 10 Pro price and where to buy

I Spainthe OnePlus 10 Pro cánido be purchased at Amazon and the company’s official en línea store. let a official price 909 euros in its version of 8 GB of RAM with 128 GB of storage.

OnePlus 10 Pro

A version perro be purchased with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storageat the official retail price 999 euros.

Where is the OnePlus 10 Pro?

Despite the rumors about the alleged place of arrival OnePlus 10 Ultra In the last months of this year, the OnePlus 10 Pro It is the most innovative model the company has developed to date. It takes last year’s OnePlus 9 Pro as a base and keeps features like that LTPO screen, the Hasselblad branded camera system or thewith the “ceramic glass” – an affectionate term for the huge camera module – as the clear protagonist of the rear.

The improvements it brings are to be expected: the The latest Qualcomm flagship processor, the latest version of Android, a bigger battery perro load even faster, and a design that evolves from the previous generation.

For its price and its technical sheet, which is at the forefront of the telephone marketafter seeing the faces with models like the Xiaomi 12 Pro or his cousins from the conglomerate BBK Electronics, the OPPO Find X5 Pro and the Realme GT 2 Pro. Both actually Share a large part of the technical data sheet.

OPPO Find X5 Pro

the three models Equip the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1Triple sensor camera system supported by Sony technology, ultra fast charging and of course, Colours as the base operating system, although each brand adds its own touch to the programa to offer – or at least try – to offer its own experience.

He is Big problem with OnePlus 10 Pro It has a first and last name. And price: 749 euros.

And that is y también.g 160 euros less of the cost of the latest OnePlus model, we perro Buy Realme GT 2 Probasically identical model in most of its characteristics, which also has some advantages such as the fact that equip a flat screen. Except in absentia tele In the Realme model right now it’s hard to find points in favor of OnePlus Your programa is no longer a profit a… to be Disadvantage in certain aspects.

Field GT 2 Pro

Technical data sheet

OnePlus 10 Pro
200 grams
ScreenLiquid AMOLED LTPO 2.0
120 Hertz refresh rate
Gorilla Glass wins
Quad HD+ resolution
Two-color calibration
processorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
operating systemIn China: ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12In Europe, India and North America:: OxygenOS 12 is based on Android 12
storage128/256GB UFS 3.1
camerasback: Second generation Hasselblad camera 48 MP + 50 MP ultra wide + 8 MP telephoto with DUAL OIS
80W SuperVOOC Fast Charge
Wireless charging with 50W AirVOOC
Other peopleX axis linear motor
Two stereo speakers
Bluetooth 5.2
Dual SIM


The OnePlus 10 Pro is a an important development regarding the 9 Pro in terms of design. last year’s model it suffered from a certain lack of originality because of a camera system in which did not risk additionally.

OnePlus noticed this and chose a different elabora this year: instead of removing the rear camera module, it opted make it the differential sign of design, thanks to a format never seen before in a corporate terminal.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen

A large camera module guides the back of the OnePlus 10 Pro / Image: Christian Collado

The module in question is being built made of a ceramic material that offers better scratch resistance than glass and is located in the upper left corner of the back cover. Yes three cameras arranged in an inverted “L” shape, with LED flash in the form of a ring terminating the square.

Instead of minimizing the rear camera module, it was decided to make it the defining feature of the design.

Also this module End up merging curves with the aluminum frame surrounding the entire body of the phone, in a capacity afín to what Samsung used for its Galaxy S21 series last year.

Beyond the new camera module, the OnePlus introduces the 10 Pro new finish on the back. The guy black colorcalled “Volcanic Black”, has one Texture Soft matte which “glows” depending on the angle of incidence of the light. A In general, it’s basically the same execution that we have already found in the black OPPO Find X5 that we were able to test a few weeks ago.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: Let OPPO-rtunity pass

The brightness of the back is only aparente when the light falls directly on the glass pane / Image: Christian Collado

the new degree He has a nice touch on his arm and it repels dirt well, but makes the device smaller one of the most slippery that you were able to try it recently. Using it without a protective case is a dangerous sport. Happily, OnePlus includes a gift box In the box.

Otherwise, the device has almost identical dimensions that of last year’s OnePlus 9 Pro and that of the OPPO Find X5 Pro. big móvil inteligenteThat said, it’s not difficult to handle thanks to the one-handed use Curves on the sides of the screen and the back Gorilla Glass.

Another feature that is still intact compared to the previous generation is the Attention slide switch, located on the right edge of the phone, just above the power button. With him it is possible quickly switch between different alarm modes –Silent, vibration and sound – without rotating the screen or taking the phone out of your pocket.

That’s worth noting this year no trace of IP confirmation on the official data sheet of the device, so it doesn’t espectáculo if the terminal has some sort of water resistance. A hard-to-understand absence considering that previous models in the family had an IP68 certification against water and dust.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen

OnePlus does not specify which resistance level the 10 Pro includes / Image: Christian Collado


The 10 Pro screen is very familiar to us, since in general the same panel as the OnePlus 9 Pro last year, with occasional improvements related to color calibration and refresh rate management.

We therefore speak of a LTPO AMOLED display with 6.7 inch diagonal and intention Quad HD+ 3216 pixels high by 1440 pixels wide.

The screen cánido Change your refresh rate dynamic until reached 120 Hertzand be able to disminuye the rate down to just 1Hz. As a novelty, OnePlus brings the so-called “2nd Generation LTPO” technology, which approx. greater efficiency than the previous version, at the same time, the differences in the renewal rates perro be changed faster.

In addition, the panel supports sRGB, DCI-P3 color spaces and supports 10-bit color depth. It is also protected by a Victus Gorilla Glass.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen

There is a curved glass panel on the front of the OnePlus 10 Pro / Image: Christian Collado

One of the great innovations of this screen compared to the previous model is the Screen color calibration. OnePlus has developed the so-called “multi-brightness color calibration”, which means that different color profiles have been worked on two different brightness levels. This ensures that colors remain accurate no matter which panel backlight is currently in use.

In this sense, The OnePlus 10 Pro screen does an excellent job when it comes to displaying colors even at low brightness and maintaining good contrast between elements even when they are dark.

For the rest it is one of the best screens you perro see on a móvil inteligente but so far with great viewing angles, more than sufficient maximum brightness, excellent sharpness and well-calibrated colors a bit more saturated than I would like in “P3 screen” mode.

The only downside to this is i the curvesalthough they’re not as obvious as other competing models that have a decent angle to them color fallo notedespecially when viewed against a uniformly bright background.

As is usual with OnePlus cell phones, the 120 Hertz cánido be combined with the native maximum resolution of the panel. In addition, there is a choice between change color temperature of the screen, regardless of the color mode used.

This is hidden under the glass of the screen fingerprint reader, optically and positioned higher than in the OnePlus 9 Pro from last year. Despite the change of position like the same sensorbecause the recognition speed and accuracy are still as good as the previous generation.

hardware and performance

something new exhibit That OnePlus is one of the fastest phones ever tested shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point. And yet it is worth remembering with each generation.

He is Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 It offers a great experience perfectly complemented by mods from OnePlus great sustained performanceno performance spikes or questionable reallocation of resources making the experience frustrating.

In that sense, the 10 Pro seems to be one of the best performance of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 until now, probably because of OnePlus limits a little raw power the processor to maintain sustained performance in every scene. If you want to get the maximum out of the chip – probably at the expense of increased power consumption and a weakening of the device’s temperature management – you cánido activate this vía the “high-performance mode” located in the battery. arrangements.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen

The interior of the OnePlus 10 Pro is dominated by Qualcomm’s signature brain / Image: Christian Collado

Despite the good performance of the processor, the 12 GB of RAM equipped with the model that passed our test chart was even more, The experience is not as satisfying as it should bedue to questionable decisions by OnePlus in the programa area.

The 10 Pro is one of the biggest exporters in terms of raw power available on the market today.

another year, OxygenOS becomes the biggest enemy of aplicaciones that open in the backgroundand for some reason the programa picks it even though there is more than enough free RAM kill background processesForcing aplicaciones to load from scratch and with that Slowdown to open.

We have to build on that Problems with some adsespecially those of applications like Gmail or Outlook, which is the case in most cases you are late again, because of Aggressive RAM management from Colours OxygenOS.

Apart from these cons that everyone who has already used a OnePlus terminal should know, the experiences with the device are goodand without a doubt it is one of the higher exporters in terms of gross product that cánido be found on the market today.

battery and charging

with Capacity 5000miliamperio-horathis is the OnePlus 10 Pro more battery which we have seen so far in a exhibit Away from the brand. And no wonder everyone the improvement is significant.

If in the OnePlus 9 Pro in this case we have had some problems to overcome the day of use It is extremely easy to extend the phone’s autonomy up to a day and a half.

End the day with more than 40% battery remaining is easyespecially on days when the camera is not used often or when we avoid running applications that are very resource-intensive, such as games or image and vídeo editing tools.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen

The 10 Pro supports 80W ultra-fast charging and 50W wireless charging with coincidente chargers / Image: Christian Collado

The OnePlus 10 Pro also launches the new one SuperVOOC 85W systemYou perro with the supplied charger and cable Charge the battery to 100% in about 31 minutes according to our tests. It loads in just over 15 minutes half a battery.

In addition, support for is included fast wireless charging thanks to the AirVOOC technology based on the Qi system with support for a maximum power of 50W with a coincidente charger – for example the official OnePlus or that of OPPO -.


There was a time when The programa was one of the big draws of OnePlus terminals compared to its competitors and a very strong reason to choose the Chinese company’s devices over those of other companies.

That changed when the brand decided to prioritize other aspects of its devices and let OPPO equipo the guidelines for OxygenOS.

He is OnePlus 10 Pro runs OxygenOS 12.1the latest version of the brand’s programa, based on Android 12. Long gone are the days when OxygenOS was an independent piece of programa trying to be like “pure” Android, and now it’s nothing but Layer on ColorOS 12. Indeed, at the time of receiving the device and before installing the OTA update, The programa contained features of ColorOS 12.1 which has not yet been replaced by OxygenOS 12.1.

In this new version is the Differences regarding OPPO’s personalization layer are scattered almost complete: the launcher, quick settings/notifications menu, settings aplicación and many of the system menus are inherited from ColorOS 12. However, OnePlus has tried to easily integrate some features of OxygenOS 11. which doesn’t fit ColorOS 12’s design stylewhich makes a layer irresponsible and inconsistent on an aesthetic level.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen

OxygenOS isn’t what it used to be, and it’s becoming clearer with each new release / Image: Christian Collado

Not everything is bad, yes. Some interesting features have been retained, such as B. the option to Execute actions through gestures on the screenand others like that Ability to change the intensity of the dark mode system. Other additions, however they subtract more than they addfor example the annoying “Shelf” panel accessible from the right side of the status bar.

In addition, despite being a programa based on Android 12, unlike the version of ColorOS 12.1 that runs on the latest OPPO models, it is OxygenOS 12.1 does not lack additions typical of the new version of Android like the ability to generate automatic themes based on wallpaper colors.

During this week of testing with the device it is possible to understand too little attention with the data, and it’s clear that the OxygenOS 12.1 experience is far from ideal for what a phone of this level should offer. There is no doubt about it Programa for OnePlus went through a period of changes: after the brand announced that its new programa would be a fusión between ColorOS and OxygenOS, the brand finally made up its mind cancel their plans and develop OxygenOS 13 based on the community’s retroalimentación and suggestions. It is not clear if the changes will be enough to change the situation, but it is the reality today OxygenOS 12.1 isn’t programa worth having on a OnePlus 10 Pro-level device.

OPPO Find X5, software

The aplicación drawer of OPPO Find X5, basically indistinguishable from the one we find in OnePlus 10 Pro with OxygenOS / Image: Christian Collado

Aside from the above, it is important Talk about the OnePlus support policy. The brand ensures that to this day Through Android updates and at least four years of security updates. However, They do not promise to release monthly security patchesso that its strategy for updates leaves a lot to be desired, especially compared to contrincante companies of the likes of Samsung or Google plus.


When OnePlus decided to work with him hasselbladMany of us trust that the collaboration would open the door to a new level of photography within the OnePlus catalog, with devices that finally compete with the leading manufacturers From the market. The brand even hinted at the possibility Development of hardware together with a Swedish photo expertwith the aim of distinguishing yourself from other companies.

And the truth is that With the OnePlus 9 Pro, the first step was taken on the right pathoffer a camera system versatile and competentwhich provided a luxurious experience in most of the scenes and excelled in his natural color profile very nice

Maybe therefore Our hopes rested on the camera system of the OnePlus 10 Pro, like the one that could finally mark before and after OnePlus in terms of photography. It’s what we get instead more of the same.

OnePlus 10 Pro, Analysis: let OPPO-rtunity happen

The three rear cameras of the OnePlus 10 Pro with a 48-megapixel sensor as the front runner / Photo: Christian Collado

From four sensors equipped with the OnePlus 9 Pro, we’ve gone down to three – which isn’t bad news, since the disappearing sensor made little sense on the previous model. Now, we have to three cameras on the back and one on the front which is generally not very different from what the previous generation offered:

  • main room: 48MP Sony IMX789, 1/1.43″, f/1.8 aperture, OIS + EIS, 7P lens, 1.12μm pixel size, 23mm equivalent focal length.
  • ultra wide angle camera: Samsung ISOCELL JN1 50MP, 1/2.76″, 150 degree field of view
  • telesensor: 8MP, aperture f/2.4, OIS
  • Front camera: Sony IMX615 32 MP, EIS, fixed focus

On paper, it’s not surprising if we look at the work done by OPPO and Realme on their respective latest-gen flagship models. Interestingly, OnePlus opted for a 48-megapixel Sony IMX789 sensor rather than relying on that IMX766 however, the brand claims that it performs well on models like the Find X5 Pro It is an exclusively developed sensor for your end devices, with improvements in terms of noise reduction, resolution and dynamic range.

And the truth is that these additions are noticeablealthough not always for the better. Speaking of noise reduction, let’s see the processing stop braking Y It takes too much detail out of photos to get rid of the noise. In return, the programa attempts to refine the datacreates an artificial effect.

Yes, it stays natural color profile developed together with Hasselblad. However, since the cooperation is now also to extend to OPPO models, this is not an exclusive added value exhibit by OnePlus.

In complex scenes with highlights and deep shadows OnePlus chooses to emphasize the sky and powerful light sources, with a good level of detail in them. However, Shadows are too dark and lack detail.

General, The main camera delivers good results as long as we aren’t too picky eaters with the details. Most users should be happier with the Sony IMX789 sensor and OnePlus build, but it’s fair. Expect more from a phone camera at this price point.

The camera with an ultra wide angle lens hide now a less bright sensor than last year, which isn’t good news, especially since The 9 Pro’s ultra-wide camera was one of the best of the segment.

Instead, OnePlus chooses a Samsung midfield sensorin relation to a lens whose main advantage is capability Take pictures with an angle of 150 degrees. The effect is striking, but the quality of the shots leaves much to be desired due to the use of a lower-quality sensor.

He is telesensor It’s also not the best we’ve tried. In fact, it is the same that existed in previous generations insignia of the brand, none of which offered a commendable result. He is different redundant colors in relation to those of the largest angle sensor and ultra-wide, and despite the 3.3x optical zoomNothing perro be gleaned from the data captured in the enlarged images, especially when the scene features complex lighting.

At night, The camera system does a very good job, to be able to capture light from the scenes to genera decent images. Logically, the main sensor is the one that gives the best results and for the rest The data loss is greateralthough fortunately night mode is coincidente with both so it is possible Save some more data of the scenes.

Photo and vídeo gallery with OnePlus 10 Pro

Oddly enough, Maybe the front camera to be the one that offers a better cómputo between processing and capabilities in terms of hardware to finish genera very good quality images.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this camera system is, oddly enough, the vídeo section. He is The quality of the clips captured with the OnePlus 10 Pro is excellent, much higher than the quality of the pictures. Which makes it clear that the hardware – at least for the main camera – is more than ready to deliver a premium experience, but the programa still needs a nudge of fenezca-tuning to reach that point of maturity. Expect a móvil of this price.

This device has been thoroughly tested Independently thanks to a move of the brand. The article contains purchase backlinks for which Andro4all may receive a commission. take part to the market channel Andro4all to find out about the best deals before anyone else.