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Back in September we offered you the then available tablets for children. At that time we were talking about the Super Paquito tablet, presented by Imaginarium for € 299, or Taba Toys'R'Us, € 150. Now we bring you the latest news that have appeared since then.

Tablet Clan

Android tablets for kids

RTVE's children's container “Clan” also points to fashion and brings its own tablet. The specifications are the usual ones in this type of device: 7-inch, 800 x 480 TFT screen, capacitive and multi-touch, 1.2 Ghz processor with 3D graphics chip, 1GB RAM, Compatible with Adobe Flash 11, 4GB of internal memory, expandable to 36GB, charge via USB (this is a novelty), USB, HDMI, Dual camera: Front (VGA) and Rear (2Mpx), Wifi b / g / n, and it comes with Android 4.0.3. Includes protective silicone sleeve personalized with the Clan TV logo.

Of course, the Device presents special functions for the little ones: Graphics adapted for children. Up to 8 user profiles. Help key on each screen. Advanced filter on Internet content and Safe Browsing option. Predefined filter profiles by age. Parental control interface (control of time to limit the use of the tablet, control of access to applications by profile, control of interface design, control of Internet access).

Bring preloaded like the Clan app (of course), plus Angry Birds, FruitNinja, Cut the Rope, World of Goo, Doodle Jump, and Where's my water?

Is it availabe at the price of 180 €.

More information | Tablet clan

Tablet Monster High

Android tablets for kids

One of the latest television and marketing fads also has its own tablet: the house of Mattel has partnered with Indigo Devices to bring out the Monster High tablet, with 4 GB expandable via microSD, Wi-Fi, USB port, 0.3 camera MPx, 1.5 MHz processor, Android 4.0 and 7 ″ screen. It comes preloaded with a lot of software from the TV series: chapters from the fourth season, several chapters from his books, many images, etc. Of course it comes with Parental control. His price is about € 100.

More information | monster High

Meep Tablet

Tablets for kids

With a rugged look, this tablet was introduced to us in September for children 6 years and older. It comes with the usual: its own app store (the ), pre-installed games like Angry Birds, plus books and music, etc. What makes this device different from others is its collection of accessories: microphone, drums, steering wheel, piano, or a case that allows games for two users. It comes with Android 4.0, a Cortex A8 processor with 512 MB of 1 GHz RAM, 7 ″ screen with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels with its own technology, , 4 GB of internal storage expandable via SD and with the usual connections: Wi-Fi, Mini USB, HDMI and headphone and microphone out. By last, features a 0.3MP front camera. Its dimensions are 145x96x18 mm and its price is € 199.


Tablet for kids


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