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One of the most famous music players for Android is completely renewed

S2 is a brand new music player from the creator of Shuttle Music Player.

Those of you who have been using Android for a few years have probably heard of Shuttle Music Player occasionally. It is widely considered one of the best music players for Android, by combining a simple interface with a large number of functions. And if that was not enough, for some time the application is free and open source.

But its creator was not satisfied with having one of the most popular music players in the Play Store. After several years in development, it has finally released S2, a music player created from scratch, which aspires to become the true successor that Shuttle deserves.

S2 is a brand new music player.

S2, a music player with a minimalist design with dozens of functions

S2 inherits many of the traits that make Shuttle special, such as a simple and customizable interface based on the Material Design lines, or the different additions aimed at enhancing the experience when listening to our favorite music.

The application allows both play music stored locally, how to remotely play audio through services like Jellyfin, Emby or Plex.

The player also not based on Android MediaStore system, something that carries a series of advantages that we cannot find in other music players available on Google Play.

Among its functions, it is possible to find Chromecast and Android Auto compatibility, possibility of organize our music library with tags, lyrics built into the player, sleep timer and much more.

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It also has support for FLAC and Opus audio formats, and in the future features such as the synchronization of playlists with other apps, import or export of .m3u or the ability to edit album covers and songs.

S2 interface

S2 has a minimalist and customizable interface.

The app can be free download and offers the possibility of using all its functions During two weeks. However, it is a payment application, since the terminal is the test period, its developer has implemented a most curious restriction, which consists of speed up the playback speed of songs little by little for each day that passes.

In case you want to pay, it is possible pay 5.49 euros for the full version, or subscribe from 0.5 euros per month.

Regarding Shuttle, its creator states that app development got too complex, and it is increasingly difficult to give it the maintenance it deserves. For that reason, in his day he decided to make the “Plus” version of the player free, which even today can be downloaded on Google Play.

In the future, the developer intends to “Reform” the Shuttle code to use the S2 code as a base, thus offering users of the old player a more modern, efficient and bug-free experience.

He also intends to bring S2 to iOS and desktop platforms through a web player.

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