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One of the best mobile RPG games is free to download for a limited time only!


If you were looking for a new game for your mobile with which to enjoy your free time this summer, today we bring you the opportunity to free download one of the best strategy games available in store.

It has over a million installs on Google Play and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 by the players. Is about Neo Monstersone of the best RPG for mobile that can be found today, and that for a limited time can be get completely free.

Neo Monsters for Android is free for a short time

Neo Monsters game screenshot

Neo Monsters for Android is free for a limited time.

Neo Monsters is a strategy game developed by ZigZaGamecompany in charge of another famous title such as Evertale.

In it, we will form a team of monsters that we will have to capture, train and evolveto compete in 4 vs 4 battles with up to 16 different monsters. If the concept sounds familiar to you, it is because, obviously, Neo Monsters is a game clearly inspired by Pokémon.

However, it is a title with a lot of personality, with a excellent turn-based combat systemwhere the particularity is introduced that monsters will need a rest time after each attack, mainly those that have a more powerful attack. In this way, combat is balanced and it becomes more exciting.

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Besides that, Neo Monsters has a very careful graphic section and intuitive gameplay, perfectly adapted to touch screens.

Normally, the price of Neo Monsters is 50 cents. However, during the next few hours you will be able to download it completely free. The game is compatible with any Android device running a version higher than Android 4.4, and contains some unlockable items through purchases . In addition, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to be able to play, since it is not an offline game.

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