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One of Redmi’s best sellers of 2019 is already updated to MIUI 13 and Android 12

MIUI 13 debuts on the Redmi 9T, one of the company’s cheapest and most habitual teléfonos inteligentes in recent years.

One of Redmi's best sellers of 2019 is already updated to MIUI 13 and Android 12
The Redmi 9T, one of Xiaomi’s most habitual phones, is now ready to be upgraded to Android 12 with MIUI 13

The wait is a little longer than we would like, but Xiaomi has started updating to the end MIUI13 one of the most habitual teléfonos inteligentes of recent years.

We are talking about the Redmi 9T, an entry-level móvil inteligente launched in early 2021 that has enjoyed great success through several in recent months Solid equipment at an attractive price.

Now the owners of this terminal already cánido Enjoy the news on Android 12 and the changes that MIUI 13 brings.

MIUI 13 arrives on Redmi 9T in Europe

As they have confirmed by the MIUI Telegram channelthe Redmi 9T has started receiving its first version of MIUI 13 based on Android 12 with ROM V13.0.1.0.SJQUEUXM. It is a version aimed at devices sold in Europe, although it is currently available through the Mi Pilot program, which should reach all device owners in the coming days.

Android 12 comes to the Redmi 9T with improvements in system stability and a reduction in the weak, according to the official changelog. However, since it is the first version based on Android 12, it also includes all the changes of this version of Android, as well as the news introduced by Xiaomi together with MIUI 13.

How to update a Xiaomi mobile phone to the latest version of MIUI

As days go by, the update will reach Redmi 9T worldwide vía OTA. This is expected to be the Last major operating system update for the Redmi 9T, since it is a móvil launched with Android 10 and this has already been fulfilled two major updates Android and MIUI.