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Official Ice Cream Sandwich for the Sensation range

That’s right, HTC has announced that the Sensation range of terminals will begin to receive the latest version of Android from March 1, coinciding with the launch of a new white version of the HTC Sensation, whose videoreview you have here.

The information has been transmitted via HTC Netherlands so it is most likely that the update, which will be standard with the new white Sensation, will arrive via (over the air) a little later to the terminals that are already on the market. You can see the statement through the Dutch website

Both the new model and the terminals that are updated will host version 4.0 of the famous Sense layer, of which we could see a preview in this video of the HTC Ville.

We are looking forward to the where can we officially check the virtues of the new HTC interface, which has captured a large part of the Android audience for its optimization and great visual quality. We will therefore see to what extent the Ice Cream Sandwich – Sense marriage reaches and if they complement each other well. What there is no doubt is that the owners of a terminal in the Sensation series are in luck because green ice cream is about to land on your smartphones.

Remake of the fantastic HTC terminal

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