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Oclean presents its new Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush with fast charge

An efficient companion for smart tooth brushing, now with a noise reduction system.

More and more smart products that make life easier in our day to day, as is the case with home assistants that with a single click allow us to control a large part of the things we have around us. Other of these products focus on taking care of our health, in doing tasks with or for us and others who stop when we speak to them, to even listen and satisfy our questions.

In recent years the trend has been towards products related to the world of health, wellness and personal care. Among them we can find from heart rate bands for sports, devices for the skin and smart toothbrushes, which improve cleaning and they help you optimize effort and time. An excellent example is the Oclean X Pro Elite, a toothbrush from the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Smart brushing at the highest level

A very versatile and practical toothbrush, it has a deep cleaning head, ideal for those who want more than a simple optimal dental cleaning, a comfortable 6-axis gyroscope sensor, 32 intensity levels to adapt to the tastes and needs of each person.

We can also unleash your incredible autonomy, since brushing our teeth daily we can have up to 35 days of use on a single charge, even giving it a use 2 to 3 times a day. Thanks to its only battery in the world of fast charge 2.0 compatible with Qi, the Oclean X Pro Elite it will be ready to use and fully charged in just 3.5 hours.

Oclean X Pro Elite with deep cleaning head

Oclean X Pro Elite has 32 intensity levels

Oclean X Pro Elite has 32 intensity levels

Elegant, powerful and truly silent

The new Oclean X Pro Elite has an exclusive magnetic levitation brushless motor, reaches a speed of 42000 revolutions per minute, which gives you a dental cleaning of another level, so deep and thorough that you will want to use it all the time. Its color LED touch screen, its aesthetic and ergonomic design gives you great comfort when using it. In addition, it has an advanced application that allows you to personalize and inform yourself about your brushing experience and a automatic pressure sensor, which helps you avoid splashing.

Its design is extremely aesthetic, with a color as beautiful as it is elegant, but that is not all, the Oclean X Pro Elite includes a automatic wake-up functionality, which is activated when you get up and then the screen lights up to turn it on more easily and quickly. This smart toothbrush is extremely quiet, thanks to its ultrasonic active noise reduction technology WhisperCleanTM 2.0 that completely enhances your experience. This marvel of product has the Quite Mark Oclean silent certification.

Oclean X Pro Elite is truly quiet

Oclean X Pro Elite is truly quiet

An irresistible presale price

And to celebrate the world premiere of Oclean X Pro Elite you can buy it with a excellent price for less than 60 euros tax free, in the Oclean’s only official website and also with the chance to win gifts such as: an S1 sterilizer, a 2-piece brush head, a travel case or a dental floss. Remember that in order to win any of these gifts or to acquire your Oclean X Pro Elite brush you must do it during the presale that runs from March 29 to April 5. You can not lose this!

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