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No sign of Apple in the ranking of the 25 most loved brands in the US, Google in second position and Samsung twelfth

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A new study carried out by the consulting firm Morning Consult It has left us an amazing result that we never imagined. If a few days ago we told you that the majority of US users would choose an iPhone as their next smartphone or that only 1 in 10 American teenagers would buy an Android as their next terminal, the truth is that the firm bitten apple is not one of the most beloved brands in the United States.

The conclusion of the study leaves us perplexed. Apple, one of the iconic firms in the US; Not only is the company that makes America's most desirable phones not the most beloved, if not, it is not even in the top 25.

Amazon is the most loved company in the US followed by Google. Apple not among the top 25

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The podium of the most beloved brands takes it Amazon, Google and Netflix. This is really not surprising, as these are three of the largest companies / services in the world. What is surprising is not seeing Apple in the ranking, which is the case with one of its biggest competitors in the mobile phone market, Samsung. Koreans rank 12th above YouTube or Disney. Obviously, Samsung doesn't just make Android phones, so this doesn't mean that US users prefer Samsung's Android phones over iPhones.

Given these astonishing results, Chris Matyszczyk, editor at ZDNet contacted Morning Consult to know the reason why Apple is not one of the most loved brands in this country.

Apparently and according to the explanations given to the journalist, in the United States there is still a strong nucleus of people dissatisfied with the apple brand, especially in rural areas. Another reason considered is that generation X (those born between 1961 and 1979) are not very fans of the Cupertino brand either. All this leads to the fact that in the three years that this study has been carried out, none has Apple appeared in the top 25.

Despite all this, Apple undoubtedly reigns as the leading mobile phone company in the US. The iPhone are the devices that obtain the most benefits and despite the fact that in China things are not going very well, Apple remains one of the most important companies in the world… although not the most beloved.