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No matter when you read it: Apple is once again dominating the wireless headphone market

AirPods will once again be number one.

As we have commented on more than one occasion, wireless headphones are a favorite accessory for most smartphone users. The advantages of these devices are not few, although the sound quality and the absence of cables are the main ones.

Wireless headphones come in many types, shapes and prices. We have some like the Huawei Free Buds Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + or some cheaper ones like the realme Buds Air Neo

We also have the kings of the market, Apple AirPods and as you can imagine, Once again the best-selling wireless headphones for another year in a row.

Apple AirPods remain unbeatable: another year in a row being the best sellers

AirPods Pro are intended to be used with Apple products.

No matter when you read it, Apple dominates the market for iron-fisted wireless headphones. The number of wireless headphones sold is increasing and 2021 was not going to be an exception.

According to Counterpoint Research, a great growth is expected in the bluetooth headset market and it is that the experts they predict that sales this year will reach 310 million units as opposed to 233 million last year. Of course the AirPods of the Cupertino guys will be number one.

Apple will once again be the sales leader with its AirPods and AirPods Pro this 2021 with figures of 83 million units. Despite all this, it is expected that its market share will decrease and it is that not only the competition is increasingly fierce, but also the current generation AirPods are two years old and the AirPods Pro 18 months, that is to say , a renovation is needed to reactivate sales.

Headphone sales 2021

For another year in a row, AirPods are the best-selling wireless earbuds.

As for the rest of the firms, Xiaomi leads the opposition to the powerful Apple. Their products not only have great quality but also a more than acceptable price, which makes a large number of consumers bet on their products. They are expected to reach 9% of the market share this year.

Samsung would maintain the third position. The most important mobile phone firm would have a 7% share, quite far from Apple, but much better than the rest of the manufacturers, not counting obvious Xiaomi.

Despite all the advantages of bluetooth headphones, not a few users continue to prefer the wired devices of a lifetime. The audio quality, the absence of battery and above all the price are the main reasons why it is still worth buying a wired headset.

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