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No, Heineken is not giving away beer on WhatsApp

Last updated on 03/07/2018 at 19:02

Data theft is the order of the day, and users who fall for the traps of some web pages begin to despair. Sometimes it is difficult to tell when a company is giving something away, or making incredible offers, from when they are trying to rip you off with apps like WhatsApp.

Today, the app is being flooded with messages about what Heineken is giving away beer. It is totally false, so we are going to explain why, and how can you avoid falling for this kind of deception next time.

The Heineken scam, and how to avoid scams like this

No, the guys at Heineken are not going to give you 20 liters of beer on WhatsApp. It is a false web page that pretends to take over your data, with who knows what purpose. User data is something quite precious on the internet, so it is quite common that they try to steal it from time to time.

In this case, the matter has become quite viral, and we are forced to communicate that it is completely false. There is a very simple method to avoid these types of scams, so let’s tell you right now.

As you can see in the picture, a URL appears, which we are not going to copy here so that no one accesses the malicious site. The end of the URL is -rewards-top-, a bit strange to be an official website, don’t you think? Like is logic, the Heineken website ends in .com / es, a completely normalized domain end.

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Before clicking on any suspicious WhatsApp link, look for the official website first, and find out if there is any offer. If you cannot find it, you can resort to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, since all these types of promotions are also published on these websites.

We hope that you have not entered your data on the malicious page, and that check the URLs sent to you by WhatsApp before clicking, as you can avoid a good upset.