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New WhatsApp conditions: what will happen if you don’t accept them

WhatsApp will make its new conditions of use of the service mandatory very soon, and you will not be able to continue using the app if you do not accept them.

There is less and less time for the new conditions of use of WhatsApp for 2021, which some have considered unfair or inappropriate since they will introduce changes that violate some regulations related to data protection, and for that reason they are being investigated by various specialized agencies.

However, WhatsApp has decided to make these new conditions are mandatory for users. Or what is the same: those people who decide not accept the new conditions, they will not be able to continue using the messaging app.

The new conditions of use of WhatsApp are being questioned by various data protection agencies.

When do the new WhatsApp conditions come into effect?

WhatsApp has been set as a deadline on 15 th of May to make the new conditions of use of the service mandatory.

From that moment on, WhatsApp will show users a notice where the need for accept the new conditions. One of the most important and controversial changes refers to the possibility for Facebook to have access to the messages we share with companies who use WhatsApp through WhatsApp Business. In this way, it will be easier for the company know the interests of users, with the aim of showing advertising more in line with the tastes and needs of the people who use WhatsApp.

Although there is good news for WhatsApp users in Spain and other countries of the European Union. Since the new policies violate the regulations defined in the RGPD, this change in the terms of service will not enter into force in Spain, and therefore it will not be mandatory to accept the new conditions. At least for now.

What will happen if you decide not to accept the new conditions?

Things change in the case of those who reside outside of an EU country. And it is that, in case of not wanting to accept the policies, WhatsApp will delete the account of users who decide to reject its entry into force.

The measure will be immediate: by rejecting the policies, it will no longer be possible to continue sending or receiving messages, and the application will give a few days of margin to download the data. Subsequently, the permanent account deletion.

Thus, if you receive the notice before May 15, you can reject policies without risking losing your account. But if you do on a date equal to or after May 15, you better go looking for an alternative to WhatsApp where you can continue chatting with your friends and family.

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