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Netflix raises its price in the United States, are you next?

The rise in the United States may sooner or later affect the rest of the countries.

Netflix has officially announced that its rates in the United States will increase in price. Specifically, the standard plan will cost $ 13.99 and the premium $ 17.99 per month in the North American country.

The big doubt is if this increase in the rates that Netflix users will suffer in the USA will be the start of a rise in prices globally. With the previous modification of the monthly amount, this happened, so if we put ourselves in the worst case, we will have to scratch our pockets a little more month by month if we want to continue enjoying the most popular series and movies service in our country.

Netflix has applied a new rate increase in the US.

However, there is still a glimmer of hope for Donald Trump's out-of-country subscribers. Rate Analitik has asked Netflix if this increase would also apply outside the United States and the answer has been the following: “The price increase is specific for each country and that the amount has been increased in the United States it does not imply that there will be changes at a global level ”. Let us pray that it will be so.

The basic plan is saved from the climb

The increases applied in the United States are as follows: The plan standard go up on a dollar and stay on 14 monthly, the plan premium that allows 4k playback goes up $ 2 and stands at $ 18 a month, while he la basic subscription remains immovable in the 9 dollars.

  • Basic subscription: $ 9 / month.
  • Standard subscription: $ 14 / month.
  • Premium subscription: $ 18 / month
Stranger Things Netflix poster

Stranger Things is one of the series co-produced by Netflix.

Own production is very expensive

Netflix's price increase doesn't take us entirely by surprise.

The company is making a very strong commitment to own production and in one way or another, it could be guessed that this cost would have to be passed on to the end user sooner or later.