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Netflix hopes to reach 40 million subscribers by 2023 thanks to its new ad-supported plan

The report, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, espectáculos that of the 40 million subscribers Netflix hopes to attract with its new ad-supported plan in 2023, 13.3 million will come from the United States.

Netflix hopes to reach 40 million subscribers by 2023 thanks to its new ad-supported plan
Netflix’s new ad-free plan will attract 40 million subscribers, the uso contínuo giant estimates.

We told you that a few months ago Ted Sarandos, Co-director ejecutivo of NetflixThey confirmed that they are testing a new subscription with advertising, and in the last few weeks almost all the details have been announced, including the price and the arrival in our country, which will take place on November 1st.

well then Thanks to Android CentralWe just got word that executives at Netflix and Microsoft, its partner in the advertising business, are expecting it Get 40 million subscribers in 2023 thanks to their new free plan with ads.

According to its own estimates, Netflix will gain 40 million new users in 2023

A recent report that you accessed The Wall Street Journal and is based on a joint document between Netflix and its advertising partner Microsoftreveals that executives from both companies recently met with ad buyers to discuss Estimate the performance of your new free plan with ads in 2023.

According to these estimates in the third quarter of 2023, Netflix will have gained 40 million subscribers thanks to their new ad-supported plan and all of them, 13.3 million are from the United States.

Likewise, the same report also espectáculos that Netflix is ​​expecting close in 2022 with a number of almost 4.4 million users worldwide and that the new ad-free plan will roll out in a dozen countries first: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Brazil, México, Japan, Korea, Australia and Canada.

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The number predicted by Netflix and Microsoft is likely lower than the de hoy figure, given that each new subscriber is equivalent to one household in that estimate, but it seems pretty logical to think that . Several people from the same household could subscribe to this new cheap plan with advertising.