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Mystery solved: why there is an Instagram app on Android tablets but not on iPad

Today, it is striking to know that some users of Instagram, the fifth most downloaded app of 2019, They cannot use the digital platform if they intend to do it with an iPad.

The ease of downloading the app from a smartphone is obvious, just like if you try to do it from an Android tablet.

However, the possibility of having Instagram on an iPad is non-existent.

Almost 10 years have passed since the launch of Instagram on October 6, 2010, but it seems that all this time has been insufficient for the development of the iPad application.

No, It’s not about disinterest, it’s about lack of time or at least that is how its CEO, Adam Mosseri, has explained it when questioned by this mystery.

Why is there an Instagram app for Android tablets but not for iPad

If you enter Google Play from your Android tablet and search for Instagram, you will see that the app is available to download for free at any time.

However, the situation changes radically if you open the App Store from your iPad and search for the same app. Error! That application is neither there nor expected.

But why can’t users of a device as popular as the iPad use one of the most popular applications of the moment? After years of ignorance, someone asked this question to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, while doing a Q&A on the social network.

According to journalist Chris Welch, who collected the manager’s response and explained it on Twitter, Instagram workers have a lot to do and the development of an iPad application has not yet been postulated as a primary issue to deal with.

In short, Instagram has bigger projects to focus on for the foreseeable future.

Seeing these statements, we understand that developing an app for Android tablets was a priority a few years ago and that is why users of these devices can use it right now.

If you are an iPad owner and Instagram fan, do not despair, because Mosseri has also assured that .

Reviewing the news of Instagram in recent months, we confirm that there are several projects the company is working on: a video editing tool reminiscent of TikTok, the disappearance of the number of “likes” around the world or a function that adds augmented reality to your online store.

In short, Instagram works constantly to add new changes that improve the experience of its users.

However, this does not seem reason enough to leave aside all those who want to use the social network from an iPad.

To highlight something positive, at least it seems that its CEO has in mind to develop the app, even if it is not in the near future.