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My recommendation: these Sony headphones have the highest level and a discount of 117 euros


Enjoy music to the fullest with one of the best wireless headphones on the market. They are my personal recommendation.

Thanks to Amazon you can get one of the best wireless headphones on the scene at a discount. The SonyWH1000XM4 have 117 euro discount and I can do nothing but recommend them. I have them, I use them every day and they are a real joy.

Connect Sony wireless headphones to your smartphone, whatever the brand, and start enjoying a very high sound quality and a noise cancellation technology that will isolate you completely what happens outside. It is an exceptional purchase for any music lover, you will not regret it.

Enjoy the music to the fullest and save a good pinch

Our protagonists are made of plastic and they come in two colors that really suit them. They weigh nothing, about 254 grams that you will not feel when you wear them. Believe me, I have spent many hours with Sony headphones on my head and at no time have they seemed uncomfortable to me. Its pads are soft and very padded, the experience is very good.

As I have pointed out, Sony headphones offer exceptional sound quality, even with a very high volume you will be able to distinguish each of the instruments and tracks that make up your favorite songs. You can’t go back to normal, ordinary headphones when you discover these sounds.


So are the Sony WH1000XM4.

Their Noise Cancellation It also has a very high level. you will be totally isolated from the outside. It works especially well with low, steady sounds, such as the sound of a bus, plane, machinery, or any other surrounding noise. Nothing will disturb you while you enjoy music.

With Sony headphones you won’t have to worry about the battery either, a single charge will be enough to listen to music throughout the day. And when I say all day I mean it literally, according to the firm it can reach about 30 hours. My experience has been very close to that figure, the WH1000XM4 will not let you down.

You have the opportunity to take first-class wireless headphones with a discount of 117 euros. You can easily connect them to your mobile and enjoy your favorite artists like never before. But be careful, when you try headphones of this level there is no turning back.

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