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MIUI 12 can be downloaded the same day of its presentation

MIUI is the customization layer that Xiaomi uses in its devices, -except for the Xiaomi A, which use Android One- and that the company uses to enhance the software of its devices, and also to differentiate it from that of other companies, and create an added value based on this.

This past year, Xiaomi launched MIUI 11, a version of its customization layer with which I have already spent 6 months, and that From my point of view, it is one of the best we can find on Android. And this 2020 it's the turn of MIUI 12, a version that we know more and more about, and that this year, Xiaomi users could download right after its presentation.

You can download MIUI 12 the same day of its presentation

MIUI 12 is the version of MIUI that, if the rumors are true, we will see it be presented at the end of this month at an event in which, at least for users in China, the firm will present all the novelties of its personalization layer, and in fact it will make it available to users to download right after this event, according to the Director of software development of the firm.

MIUI 11 Mi MIX 2s

It is something that breaks with the annual rhythm of Xiaomi, which does not usually launch its versions of MIUI at this time of the year, let alone allow its download after the presentation.

Although the truth is that it has not yet been specified if it refers to the download of the beta, or if it is the final version.

We imagine that it is the first, since Xiaomi always tends to launch betas of its MIUI versions for users to test them.

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Although the truth is that this Xiaomi executive did not specifically reveal which Xiaomi models will be able to download MIUI 12, although as every year, we will surely find devices such as its latest flagships -Mi 8, Mi 9 and Mi 10- and some of the mid-range terminals of the firm such as the Mi 9T or the Redmi Note 8 although we will have to wait to see what Xiaomi says about it.

Although, as we have already mentioned, We imagine that it will only be users in China, and a beta version. Even so, sooner or later it will reach the rest of users worldwide.

MIUI 11, launcher

From MIUI 12, for now, we already know some features, such as the increased customization of Always On Display mode, Dark Mode 2.0 or the new camera interface that Xiaomi phones will have, a redesign that is quite missing, since this interface has not received substantial changes for a couple of versions of MIUI.

Beyond this, we would find the redesign of other aspects, such as the gesture system, which would bring it closer to that of Android 10 and the standard that Google has created for these, which shows, another year, the approach by Xiaomi to the big G, that every year is more evident, and that it is a source of joy for all western users that we usually use Google services.